How To Get Public Speaking Engagements As A Business Coach

How To Get Public Speaking Engagements As A Business Coach

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Public speaking engagements are one of the best ways to grow your business. You may not realize that these speaking engagements are another form of networking. The benefits of public speaking can be numerous, including establishing your credibility in your industry and growing your platform. 

If you are not sure how to find and get the best public speaking engagements, we can help. Read on to learn how you can acquire great paying public speaking gigs to empower your success.

How A Business Coach Can Get Public Speaking Engagements

Decide What Your Goal Is, and Work Toward It

The first step in this process is deciding your ultimate goal for your business. You need to discover your primary purpose for getting into public speaking. For instance, do you want to establish a side gig or second career as a public speaker, or do you want to increase the sales of your product or service?

Outline Your Speech

Draft an outline of your speech with your main topics highlighted. Create one or more topics with outlines that include catchy titles and subheadings. When you approach a venue to book a speaking engagement, you should come to them with some added value for your speech. For instance, when you approach the venue manager, you could say, “I am a great public speaker. Here is an outline of the speech I would like to present.” This will let the manager know that you are confident in your abilities and have specific ideas.

Join your Local Chamber of Commerce

Besides the local chamber, you could also join a civic group like Kiwanis or Rotary Club. Look for places where people speak publicly on a regular basis. After joining and attending some gatherings, you will be asked to give a presentation on your expertise. This is a great way to get public speaking practice and even make some contacts for speaking gigs in the future.

Establish Your Presence Online

The next step is to create a professional, dynamic website and a page on a social media platform to promote your public speaking. This is how you can generate leads on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Make sure the website and page contain plenty of contact information so those prospects can reach you easily. Steer all potential clients to both of these pages. This is where leading with your brand will help you get those speaking gigs.

Start Small and Locally

Find places locally that host speakers. Then find the contact person and either call or email them an inquiry. Try to find local networking events, conferences, and meetups locally. This is a great way to get your feet wet with public speaking, where you start small, and as your confidence grows, you go to bigger venues and events.

Regional Conferences

After you have spoken several times on the local level, you can now move up to regional conferences. Do some research and find conferences that are relevant to your industry. For instance, those in the travel industry may want to attend a related trade show and try to secure a speaking engagement there. Bear in mind that competition for speaking at this level is fierce, so you will have to up your presentation game to secure yourself a slot.

Make a Demo Reel

To get booked at a national speaking level, a demo reel is a must. Hire someone to film one of your speeches. Then find a consultant to edit your best moments into a 5- to 10-minute showcase of your public speaking. Once these are finished, add these to your website and all relevant social media platforms.

Set Your Goal For the Year

A good goal to set is 12 speaking engagements in one year. This is not as easy as it sounds. On average, you will have to approach maybe 60 venues to secure those dozen gigs. Early on, make a list of venues to approach. It is a good idea to have a varied selection of venues for proposing. These can include:

  • Previous local and regional venues
  • Potential local and regional venues
  • Regional conferences in your industry
  • Charities and nonprofits

Promotora Systems Inc. can show you how to develop your business with our various coaching programs that can take your business to the next level. Contact us today to empower your success.

8 Tips For Working With Social Media Influencers

8 Tips For Working With Social Media Influencers

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Influencers on social media can empower your success with your business. If you find the right influencer for your brand, it can lead to creating a relationship strategy that can build win-win relationships for all involved. Read on to learn these helpful tips for working with influencers.

8 Tips For Working With Influencers

Define Your Campaign’s Goals

First and foremost, you need to define your campaign’s goals. Get together with your marketing team and your client to set goals and expectations for your mutual campaign. Set a clear direction and establish milestones where you can compare your progress.

Find the Best Influencer(s) for Leading Your Brand

After you have established your campaign goal, then you will need to find the best influencer(s) to drive your campaign. These influencers should be in your field and share the same target audience. Your audience and your marketing budget will determine what type of influencer is needed and what platform to use.

Establish Guidelines For Your Shared Content

The next step is to create detailed content guidelines for the influencers. These guidelines can include:
  • High-level brand strategy
  • Items that the influencer must post, including hashtags, promo codes, tagging requirements, and calls to action (CTA)
  • Communication guidelines
  • Guidelines for visuals
Then get together with your team and the influencer to establish the above guidelines and address any questions they may have.

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is a great way to make sure all are on the same page with the campaign. It is also an easy-to-follow format to help the influencer with their posts across many platforms. The calendar should take into consideration national holidays, trends in engagements, brand sales, and the momentum of your influencer’s social media posting.

Collaborate with Influencer on Social Media Content

The next step is to collaborate with your influencer(s) on your social media content. The content you post will be a combination of the influencer and your campaign goals. While this collaboration is the opportunity for you to emulate your influencer’s voice, you still need to curate your own original and intriguing content.

Measure Your Results and Tweek Your Campaign Accordingly

Now that your campaign has launched, you need to measure the results. Monitor your campaign metrics with weekly reports. You will discover many details about your campaign including the number of clicks, impressions, unique reach, revenue, and much more. Once you analyze this data, you will discover what is working and what isn’t. Then, you can tweak the campaign accordingly.

Practice Flexibility

Be prepared to adjust your campaign at any time. When collaborating with your influencer, be sure to take their experiences and opinions into the fold. This collaboration is the key to building win-win relationships for all involved.

Make It Fun

You may have a better chance of generating more leads if your target audience gets the impression you are enjoying running this campaign. Take this time to engage with your audience on social media and keep it light. See this as the opportunity that it is, and lead with your brand to promote interest.

Promotora Systems Inc. can show you how to develop your business through networking.  Contact us today to optimize your networking skills and create strategic partnerships with social media influencers.

How Business Coaches Can Establish Stronger Connections With Face-To-Face Networking

How Business Coaches Can Establish Stronger Connections With Face-To-Face Networking

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Business coaches should attend in-person networking events. However, during the pastt few years, networking has mostly occurred online and on social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. With that said, traditional face-to-face networking is still the best tool to establish true connections with your network. If you are still wondering how networking can help with business development, we can help you fine-tune your networking skills by building profitable relationships to empower your success.

How To Create Strategic Partnerships through In-Person Networking


Get out there and volunteer with a cause that you care about. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and expand your network. You can find many quality connections this way, ranging from the people running the nonprofit to the other volunteers.

Identify Your Networking Goals

Do some thinking and decide your objective for face-to-face networking. For instance, are you looking to reach out to others in your industry for advice? Or are you looking for a collaborator, or to find new clients? Make sure you know your end goal before attending any specific event.

Be Authentic to Build Relationships

When attending networking events, it is best to just be yourself with no pretenses. To establish strong, long-term connections with other professionals in your industry, honesty is best.

Follow Up Right Away

A good rule for networking follow-ups is to do it within the first 48 hours after your event. You should act while the memory is still fresh on everyone’s minds. The following day, send a quick email to these new people after you have connected on social media. The email should just say how nice it was to meet them. Then, take the opportunity to send a question or start a conversation as an ice breaker.

Make Notes on Business Cards

When you attend these networking events, you collect business cards of the people you meet. On the card itself, jot down some information about this person, how you met, and what you may have spoken about. This will help you with the follow-up email in a better way to add value to connections.

Remember the Rule of Reciprocity

Giving something back is crucial in networking. Think about how to add value to your relationships by offering up something to the other person. For instance, if your new connection is starting up a new business and you know of someone else in their industry that could assist them or offer relevant advice, pass along their contact information.

Pass Out Business Cards At Every Networking Event

Attend every networking event with plenty of business cards. Make sure all your contact information is up-to-date.

Find New Clients and Quality Connections with A Concise Pitch

Put together a few sentences about yourself and your business into your pitch. Keep your pitch short to keep their interest. Don’t forget to tell them what you hope to achieve by connecting with them.

Diversify Your Network

Most of your networking will happen with people in your specific industry but there are many benefits to connecting to people in other fields. You cast a wider net into the business world, and you never know whether you may need another professional’s services to help your company.

Establish a Goal for Each Networking Event

It is a good idea to set small, attainable goals for your networking event. For example, you can set your goal at meeting five new people that work in your industry at your event.

Customize Your Conversations For Networking

One tactic for successful business development through networking is to listen to your conversation partner. Ask open-ended questions to get the information you need to keep the dialogue flowing. The key to building profitable relationships is to tailor each conversation you have during events.

Get To Events Early

It is best to get to an event early to maximize your time at the event. You should try to meet as many people as you can at these events. If you arrive late, you will have a harder time finding conversation partners as little groups have already formed at the event.

Host Your Own Networking Event

After you have had some networking experience, you can even host your own event. It does not have to be anything elaborate. It can just be a meeting with some people at a restaurant or a local pub. You can ask your invitees to bring a few people along, too. The idea is to get to know more and more people.

Promotora Systems Inc. can assist you in building your personalized relationship strategy to build stronger connections and optimize your networking. Contact us today so we can show you how to make your business profitable through networking.

Networking for Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches: Top Tips to Capitalize on Social Media

Networking for Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches: Top Tips to Capitalize on Social Media

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Social media network management can drive a business coach or small business entrepreneur to the top level of success. This type of relationship management can be a bit complex. We can show you how to develop your business by networking on social media.

Top Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches

Share Relevant Content to Add Value to Your Network

Are you unsure how adding value improves relationships on social media? When you share relevant content with your audience, you are actually being of value to your network. When you share this informative content, you are seen as an expert in your industry by your colleagues.

Tell A Compelling Story

People like to do business with people they know. On social media, it can be quite challenging to get that connection that you would normally get in face-to-face interaction. Write a compelling story about you and/or the genesis of your business to introduce yourself to your target audience. The story should evoke an emotional response from your audience. This is providing a story that a human being is leading your brand, making it memorable and making you more relatable to the audience.

Inspire Your Target Audience

You can inspire your potential clients as you share your business progress with them through social media. When these people read your backstory and see how far you have come, it should motivate them to hire you as an expert to assist them in their business journey.

Share Testimonials

One of the best ways to draw in more clients is testimonials. When a prospective client is looking to make their final decision, they may seek out testimonials from past clients to enable them to make the decision. Showcase your best work on social media by providing testimonials from past clients.

Monitor Social Media Engagement

When you post content on social media, you will start noticing trends in post-performance. You should use Google Analytics or another monitoring platform to monitor the data. When you track your social media posts, you will see insights on how all content performs. You can then tweak your content to improve your performance.

Include Calls To Action

A call to action (CTA) is a task a user must complete to go to the next step. Make sure that your CTA is concise, as your audience must need a reason to click on it. Give them a compelling reason why they should take this action immediately. If you have clarity on what your audience will take away from the CTA, it will make it easier for them to move into the sales funnel.

Promotora Systems Inc. can assist small business entrepreneurs and business coaches with all their social media networking and relationship management needs. Contact us today to empower your success.

4 Ways to Capitalize on Social Media As A Business Coach

4 Ways to Capitalize on Social Media As A Business Coach

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Social media is one of the greatest tools for a business coach to expand their business. However, the landscape of the various social media platforms can be quite complex and difficult to navigate. For any small business entrepreneur to grow a business today, you must learn to follow the marketing trends to find new clients.

The popularity of social media as a business tool has increased significantly in recent years. If you want to reach your business goals, you must use the most popular social media platforms. You can also use social media to find new clients and form a relationship strategy.

The Networking Mistakes Small Business Entrepreneurs Make

Statistics on Social Media and Business Development

According to a 2020 survey from SocialPilot:
  • Facebook is utilized by 91 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, and 96 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers.
  • 89 percent of B2B marketers create collaboration opportunities and generate leads on LinkedIn.
  • Instagram has an estimated reach of 1.39 billion people worldwide.
  • More than 75 million pins have been uploaded to Pinterest.
  • TikTok revenue grew an astounding 60 percent in 2021, and this revenue is only expected to grow in 2022 and beyond.

As you can see, social media is the ultimate powerhouse tool to empower your success. However, to capitalize on the ever-changing social media landscape, you may need a little help to give you an edge in the market. We put together the top ways to optimize your networking on social media to find new clients and create strategic partnerships.

Choose the Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

You can grow your business exponentially with social media — if you do it the correct way. The key to developing relationships is to use the best social media platform for your business to promote to your target audience. Many platforms can be difficult to navigate in leading with your brand to build relationships that are solid and consistent with your target audience.

Create Engaging Content for Posting

If you do not grab your target audiences’ attention right away, you may lose them. The key to success is to share unique, compelling content that will reach your current followers and entice new ones. Take some time and explore different formats for your content to see what brings the most engagement. It is crucial to discover the content that resonates the most with your audience, then continue to post similar content.

Build Win-Win Relationships with Your Target Audience

There are numerous ways that you can build a rapport with your target audience. You can work with influencers, and engage with your audience by responding to their comments, inviting them to share questions, and producing videos. You can also build relationships with simple social media activity such as likes and shares on comments on all relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The others that you have engaged with will most likely follow the rule of reciprocity and come and react to your social media posts. This is how the power of relationships can grow your business.

Stay Consistent on Social Media

One thing you do not want to do is to let your social media posting go stale. Another way to grow your business is through social media consistency. It is paramount that you create a powerful following on social media and keep posting frequently to capture and retain your audience’s attention. You do not want your target audience to look elsewhere for whatever they may be looking for.

Consistency on social media means keeping a regular social media posting schedule. When you identify quality connections on the various social media platforms, it is best to have content based on your demographics attained from tools such as Google Analytics. You can then create a monthly content calendar to help you keep track of content creation and posting based on this data. The frequency of your posting will still vary based on the demographics you find. Your posting schedule might be once a week at first, then generally increasing to posts once a day.

Do not forget that this social media consistently also applies to your content. The quality of your content is as important as the quantity. You want to add value to your posts, as your audience and newcomers will have something to take away and a reason to come back in the future.  This will attract the correct audience for your potential coaching clients. You do not want to just get some likes or comments from the masses; you want to convert visitors to customers and retain your current ones.

Promotora Systems Inc. can assist you with our various business development services. Begin the journey to empower your success by contacting us to get started today.