7 Ways to Practice Networking

7 Ways to Practice Networking

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Networking is a skill that you need to cultivate over time. As the old saying goes: “practice makes perfect.” Networking is an essential skill that will help you build relationships and create strategic partnerships. In this article, we will tell you about the ways you can polish your networking skills and empower your success.

7 Ways You Can Practice to Optimize your Networking Skills

Ask A Simple Question to Break the Ice

When you first begin networking, it can be difficult to approach new people. If you do not know the other person very well, you must think of a way to get the conversation started. To get the conversation going, ask a basic question. This question can be anything from, “Where do you live?” to “How long have you been working in the industry?”

Curiosity is Key

Be curious about your networking partner and their company. Ask them their motivation for attending the event and what are their long-term goals for the company. Your partner will love disclosing this information to you, as people love talking about themselves and their experiences.

Mention a Shared Experience

Have you ever run into someone who you met at a past networking event? Mention when and where it was to spark their memory. You can mention any dynamic speakers or great seminars that you had both attended. For example, “What was your favorite speaker at yesterday’s conference?” This should get a constructive conversation going in full force.

Open Your Eyes

When approaching someone, take a quick peek at them and find some details. Observe what they are wearing or carrying. For instance, are they carrying a book in their bag? If so, ask them about it. You can ask questions or make comments on those details as another way to fuel your dialogue.

Build Relationships on What You Have in Common

While in your dialogue, try to find some things you may have in common with your networking partner. This commonality can be professional or personal, as long as it helps facilitate the conversation. For instance, do you and your networking partner like the same genre of music, or did you have similar majors in college? The key is to find some connection between the two of you to build win-win relationships.

Learn from the Differences

On the opposite side of the spectrum, discover what differences you may have with your networking partner. Listen to what the other person has to say, and do not challenge it if you do not agree with it. An opposite point of view on any issue can bring on a great learning opportunity for you.

Be Genuine at All Times

The most important element of networking is being yourself. Do not ever put up a false front when building profitable relationships because it can backfire on you in the long run. Be your true self at all times while networking, and search for genuine, quality connections with others.

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How to Write A Perfect ‘Touch Base’ Email When Networking

How to Write A Perfect ‘Touch Base’ Email When Networking

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After you have attended a networking event, you want to follow up with your prospects. One of the best ways to do this is to send an email to touch base with your new connection. In this article, we will tell you how to write the perfect follow-up email.

What To Mention in Your ‘Touch Base’ Email

Provide Value for the Prospect

Being of value to your network is a great way to facilitate your networking progress. If you provide research data that is beneficial to your industry, that adds value to your business. You can add value to your connections via email by sending useful information and materials. This can also pique the interest of your connections about your products or services.

This paragraph of this email can read as follows:

“I hope you are well. I have not heard back from you and would like to offer you any assistance you may need. The last time we spoke, you showed interest in XXX. I am attaching some materials that may assist you with the issue your company is currently facing.”

Get your prospect’s attention and interest in these materials by mentioning a past situation where this information had helped someone else.

Inquire About Their Business

People love to talk about themselves and their business. Reaching out to a prospect and showing an interest in their company helps them feel appreciated. In your email, you can comment about nearly anything they have done recently to promote their business.

“I saw your recent post on Linkedin about your product launch. Congratulations on the new opportunity. I am looking forward to watching your business grow.”

You want people to follow the rule of reciprocity and think of you whenever they have an issue. Mention any helpful services you may have after complimenting them on their own.

Provide Context of Your Previous Meeting

While networking, you tend to meet many people, and it can be difficult to remember everyone you meet. It is crucial that you include the context of your meeting to your email recipient. At the beginning of the email, remind the recipient where and how you met, and provide a takeaway from your conversation to convince them that you were paying attention during your conversation.

This portion of your email can read as follows:

I hope you enjoyed your time at the event. I enjoyed our discussion about my (products and/or services.) I have forwarded the following attachments,which can be valuable resources for any further questions you may have.

Make A Request

Occasionally, the tables may turn and you may be the one needing some help. A “touch base” email can also be used to reach out to a colleague when you need assistance or information. This builds trust in your network when you make a request to any of your quality connections.

For example, you can make a request via email for constructive feedback:

“I need your help to improve the quality of my services. If you have a few minutes, I would like to get some feedback from you on your experience with our company. In the link below, you can also read what our other customers are saying about their experience.”

Invite Them To An Event

If you and your colleague are in the same industry, invite them to a networking event. If the event is at a reasonable distance from your prospect, ask them to attend in person. If there is a considerable distance, you can alternatively invite them to a webinar or another online networking event. Set up this meeting without being too aggressive about it, as that is a sure way to make them lose interest in you fast.

I am attending the World Travel Market next month. I would be interested in setting up a meeting with you if you plan on attending. If you cannot make it in person, perhaps we can connect on Zoom?

If your recipient decides to do a virtual meeting, send them an email invitation immediately. You can send an email for a webinar invitation, which includes images and an outline for the meeting. To make it even easier to attend virtually, you can add an engaging call to action (CTA) to grab their attention.

Keep in mind that most prospects may say no several times before they come on board. When you have persistence and keep following up via email, it will eventually work, even after several negative responses.

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5 Ways To Add Value in Your Networking

5 Ways To Add Value in Your Networking

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One way to grow your business through networking is by adding value to your relationships.

 If you are unsure how adding value improves your business, we can help. In this article, we will tell you about the ways you can be a value-added connector while networking.

8 Underused Networking Strategies that Can Empower Your Success

5 Ways to Be Valuable to Your Network

One of the best ways to add value to your network is to offer help to your peers. Remember the rule of reciprocity, where networking is working together to help each other with any issues that may come up within your business or the industry as a whole. In the future, one of your connections will remember you as someone who is helpful in your network and return the favor if you ever need it.

Share your Connections

Another way to add value to your networking is to introduce people to one another. Find some people in your network who are in the same industry and share common interests and business goals. If you do this over time, you will be known as a person who is a “hub” for your network—a crucial link that brings people together.

Tell Your Peers About Opportunities in Your Industry

Be sure to let your networking peers know about any opportunities in your industry. For instance, if you have a new project coming up, think about who in your network may be a great fit. Also, if you hear about a relevant job opening, disclose that, as well. This is one of the best ways to build relationships in your network, as it demonstrates selflessness.

Make Your Peers Aware of Any Useful Resources

When you discover a remarkable industry resource—whether it’s an article, software, or a relevant conference, tell your peers about it. There are most likely several people in your network that could benefit from this professional tool. When you attend your next networking event, challenge yourself to share this helpful resource with at least one person. Your network will see you as someone who wishes to improve the quality of their business and their lives.

Share Your Knowledge and Experience

While networking, be sure to share your valuable industry knowledge. One of the reasons we network besides making new connections is to learn from our industry peers. People like to hear from others about any struggles that may have had and how they resolved them. You can share stories with your colleagues and provide them with useful insight if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Be An Influencer Among Your Peers

Another way to add value to your network is by being an influencer among your peers. You can work on being a source of inspiration for those in your network to do the best they possibly can. You can be an inspiration and show your network how to build profitable relationships. If you develop this “circle of influence,” it can lead to shared learning experiences and create strategic partnerships.

When you follow these steps to add value to your network, it will significantly improve your  business development.

Promotora Systems, Inc. can show you how to add value to your network. Contact us today to begin building profitable relationships with our relationship management services.

The Best Networking Strategy-Build Relationships First

The Best Networking Strategy-Build Relationships First

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Any professional or small business entrepreneur will tell you networking is all about relationships. When you learn how to build relationships, it makes you valuable to your network and, over time, will grow your business.

8 Underused Networking Strategies that Can Empower Your Success

Why is Relationship Management Important?

Think about all the successful people you know. What is the one thing they most likely have in common? They have noted achievements in their professional and personal lives. This is because they effectively know how to build relationships.

The First Impression is the Only One

It is critical to remember that your first impression will shape your relationships permanently. You will be judged by people in a matter of seconds, so make that first impression count. Practice some thoughtful communication techniques and create a way to introduce yourself that will make you stand out but in a positive and constructive light.

Give Your Networking Partner Your Full Attention

Once you have engaged in conversation with someone, give them your full attention. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by your phone or others around you. People feel more relaxed when they feel they are being heard. When you are there in the moment, it establishes trust and respect, which will build relationships.

Be Ready To Facilitate Conversations

Nothing is worse than awkward silence, especially while networking. Therefore, be prepared to facilitate conversations by beginning discussions and keeping the conversation momentum going. You can think of any topic to maintain the conversation, but just make sure the topic is stimulating enough to pique your network’s interest. Once you have them engaged, you can segway into an industry-relevant topic. 

Have a Relevant Message

To deliver a relevant message that resonates with your networking partner, you must be aware of several factors. One of these is knowing who you are speaking to and the subjects you are speaking about. Before attending your next networking event, do some research on your audience, appropriate news, and current events. This will prepare you to come up with relevant topics and questions that you can bring to the event.

Quality Connections Are the Key

One key to effective networking is to identify relevant connections at events. When attending events, your goal should not be to meet as many people as possible but to build relationships with key people in your industry. It takes some time to build win-win relationships that will be valuable to your network, so the focus should be on quality connections, not on the sheer number of them.

Networking and Social Media

You can also utilize social media to build relationships. These platforms make it quicker and easier for people to communicate than ever before. Even if someone is too busy for a phone call, they can still check and communicate on social media. If you create a reputation as someone who is actively networking on social media platforms, it can significantly empower your success with your networking efforts.

Promotora Systems, Inc. has many networking coaching programs that can help you build win-win relationships. We can be your guide to building profitable relationships. Contact us today to grow your business by developing relationships.

8 Effective Networking Strategies You Are Not Using

8 Effective Networking Strategies You Are Not Using

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If your past networking efforts have been lackluster, you may need to adjust your networking strategy. There are many underused networking strategies out there that you can incorporate into your relationship strategy. You can use these networking tactics to optimize your networking strategy and grow your business by developing relationships. If you are unsure how to develop your business with networking, we can help. Continue reading to learn about these eight effective networking strategies that you may have overlooked.

8 Underused Networking Strategies that Can Empower Your Success

You Can Identify Relevant Connections

You can significantly improve your personalized relationship strategy with these network management tips:

Join Networking Groups in Your Area

Networking groups allow people from many different industries the chance to get together. There are at least a few networking groups that take place in your area on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Many of these groups have specific activities planned for these events, or group members may plan the agenda. These groups pose a great opportunity to improve your networking strategy because it enables you to meet professionals in your local community to grow your network. Your new local colleagues can also become future networking buddies and meet up with you at future events that are at a national or international level.

Get Busy on Social Media

Social media platforms have become a great networking strategy in recent years. When not attending in-person networking events, it is vital to keep networking through social media platforms. For instance, you can develop your business through LinkedIn, which is tailored to your networking connections. Many professionals use social media platforms to manage and build relationships.

It’s also important that you continue to keep active on social media platforms for effective networking. Be sure to make comments and like your connections’ posts to keep you in their minds.

Identify Relevant Connections and Grow Your Network

One way to identify relevant connections at networking events is to conduct a short informational interview. These professionals have extensive experience and expertise in your industry and have a plethora of information. These interviews can optimize your networking by allowing you to build relationships and grow your network.

Look For Common Ground

Another effective networking strategy is to find something in common with your conversation partner. Try to find a common bond between the two of you—it doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related, either. When you find some common interests to discuss, it is a great way to establish yourself in the minds and hearts of your chatting partners.

Know When To Move On

Networking can be a lot like dating. That is, you know when things are going well through your gut instinct. If you notice the person you are speaking to is not paying attention to you by constantly peeking at their phone or looking away, find a subtle way to exit the conversation. It is better to bow out gracefully and shift your focus—and your time—onto someone else who wants to hear what you have to say.

LinkedIn Networking through Industry Groups

You can also use LinkedInto develop relationships by joining in on relevant industry discussions and Linkedin industry groups. These groups can create collaboration opportunities within your industry, and allow its members to share strategies, develop relationships, and share information.

Attend As Many Conferences and Conventions As You Can

There are currently many conferences and conventions that happen all year. This is one of the lead generation strategies in networking that should be utilized more often. The conferences allow you to learn more about your industry through industry-related activities and seminars. These conventions also give you the chance to create strategic partnerships that can lead to new projects with members of different organizations.

Make Yourself Memorable

While networking, you usually have a short amount of time to make an impression, so make yours memorable. Think of some detail that can make you stand out to your networking partner. You can come up with an amusing anecdote, or think of an unusual question to ask your networking partner. It is especially important to stand out if you are at a networking event specific to your industry where attendees have similar goals and many conversations are happening concurrently.

Making yourself stand out at networking events will also greatly help in your follow-up, too. For instance, when you draft your follow-up correspondence, recall the topic of conversation you had with them. You can write a comment like, “I met you at the event in New York. I was the lady who told you that story about all the unusual things that happened on my last business trip.”  This way, you can boost their memory with this reference to your meeting.

Promotora Systems, Inc. can be your guide to building profitable relationships through effective networking strategies. Contact us today to get started with our many network management services.