The Best Metaverse Business Events to Look Forward to in 2023

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Today many business events happen in the metaverse, i.e. virtually. These events have become remarkable for showcasing the latest innovations in the tech world with hybrid events. The conferences are filled with the latest innovations in technology, keynote speakers, workshops, and unlimited networking opportunities to find new clients. Read on to learn all about the best metaverse events happening in 2023.

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CES January 5-8, 2023 in Las Vegas and online

CES is an event for global innovators. The conference is going to be held as a hybrid event happening online and in Las Vegas. There are many opportunities to meet new partners and have discussions with colleagues about immersive tech, A/R/VR, robotics, gaming, and artificial intelligence. The event is known for its technology innovations, product launches, and media reach. Some notable exhibitors at CES include Amazon, LG, Google, Microsoft, Sony, and many more.

Who should attend CES: developers, manufacturers, and suppliers that work in business consumer tech

Spie January 24-25, 2023 (estimated) in San Francisco (onsite only)

This on-site event in San Francisco focuses on the next generation in hardware and other technical topics such as 3D display techniques, human perception and UX in immersive displays, novel imaging systems, and display engines, plus much more.

Who should attend Spie: engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers

SXSW March 10-19, 2023 in Austin, Texas, and online

South by Southwest is a conference that brings together the latest in interactive media, film, tech, VR, and robotics. Other topics covered at this event include voice technology, wearables, security and privacy, cryptocurrency, and XR.

Who should attend SXSW: gamers, content creators, and global professionals

IEEE VR +3D March 25-29, 2023 (estimated) virtual only

This event focuses on the creators and researchers of tech. The IEEE Conference on VR and 3D is the best international event to present research results on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Topics covered include animation in VR and AR, developing XR applications, the metaverse, and much more.

Who should attend IEEE VR+ 3D: Developers, educators, scientists, researchers, and anyone interested in XR tech

Nvidia GTC March 2023 TBD virtual only

This conference brings in many leaders from large tech companies such as Zoom and Microsoft to speak about AI, omniverse, high-performing computer graphics, and much more. A vast amount of learning sessions are available at the conference covering the following topics: robotics, game development, accelerated computing, speech AI/NLP, Cloud XR, cybersecurity, graphics, autonomous vehicles, and design collaboration.

Who should attend Nvidia GTC: researchers, developers, creators, and innovators

Laval Virtual April 12-14, 2023 Espace Mayenne, France, and online

This international event comes highly recommended by past attendees to attend on-site. This is due to the awesome events, networking opportunities, and workshops. If you cannot attend in person, you can attend via Laval Virtual World application. This conference allows you to meet the best innovators, VR/AR technicians, and international XR experts in the field.

Who should attend Laval Virtual: CEOs, managers, tech geeks and startups

MIT Reality Hack Boston TBD 2023 Boston and online

Keep your eye out for this amazing conference happening virtually and on-site in Boston next year. MIT Reality Hack is the largest hackathon in the world with more than 400 hackers attending. This event consists of many great tech workshops and talks, collaborations, plus much more. There is also a prize pool at the event with the winners receiving $12,000 based on their VR projects.

Who should attend MIT Reality Hack: technology lovers, creators, brand mentors, etc.

Global XR Conference 2023 December TBD

This online global conference is held exclusively on AltspaceVR. This is where attendees can connect and discuss the future of the metaverse. Other great things about this event include business sessions, and workshops related to AR/VR/MR/ER. Global XR Conference is free of charge. You just need to register so you can join the more than 2,000 attendees worldwide.

Who should attend: anyone interested in VR/AR technology

Meta Connect 2023 TBD on Facebook

This one-day online event will cover many topics in the VR world. Communities come together to learn about the latest XR innovations. The event hosts “Reality Labs” to see the future of AR and VR. Don’t miss the informative talks from Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms, and Nanci Li, the product lead AR/VR Reality Labs.

Who Should attend Meta Connect 2023: Gamers, engineers, researchers and developers

Now that we have given you a preview of these informative and exciting metaverse events coming in 2023, you can begin thinking about which to attend to learn from industry colleagues,  optimize your networking, and grow your business.

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