8 Effective Networking Strategies You Are Not Using

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If your past networking efforts have been lackluster, you may need to adjust your networking strategy. There are many underused networking strategies out there that you can incorporate into your relationship strategy. You can use these networking tactics to optimize your networking strategy and grow your business by developing relationships. If you are unsure how to develop your business with networking, we can help. Continue reading to learn about these eight effective networking strategies that you may have overlooked.

8 Underused Networking Strategies that Can Empower Your Success

You Can Identify Relevant Connections

You can significantly improve your personalized relationship strategy with these network management tips:

Join Networking Groups in Your Area

Networking groups allow people from many different industries the chance to get together. There are at least a few networking groups that take place in your area on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Many of these groups have specific activities planned for these events, or group members may plan the agenda. These groups pose a great opportunity to improve your networking strategy because it enables you to meet professionals in your local community to grow your network. Your new local colleagues can also become future networking buddies and meet up with you at future events that are at a national or international level.

Get Busy on Social Media

Social media platforms have become a great networking strategy in recent years. When not attending in-person networking events, it is vital to keep networking through social media platforms. For instance, you can develop your business through LinkedIn, which is tailored to your networking connections. Many professionals use social media platforms to manage and build relationships.

It’s also important that you continue to keep active on social media platforms for effective networking. Be sure to make comments and like your connections’ posts to keep you in their minds.

Identify Relevant Connections and Grow Your Network

One way to identify relevant connections at networking events is to conduct a short informational interview. These professionals have extensive experience and expertise in your industry and have a plethora of information. These interviews can optimize your networking by allowing you to build relationships and grow your network.

Look For Common Ground

Another effective networking strategy is to find something in common with your conversation partner. Try to find a common bond between the two of you—it doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related, either. When you find some common interests to discuss, it is a great way to establish yourself in the minds and hearts of your chatting partners.

Know When To Move On

Networking can be a lot like dating. That is, you know when things are going well through your gut instinct. If you notice the person you are speaking to is not paying attention to you by constantly peeking at their phone or looking away, find a subtle way to exit the conversation. It is better to bow out gracefully and shift your focus—and your time—onto someone else who wants to hear what you have to say.

LinkedIn Networking through Industry Groups

You can also use LinkedInto develop relationships by joining in on relevant industry discussions and Linkedin industry groups. These groups can create collaboration opportunities within your industry, and allow its members to share strategies, develop relationships, and share information.

Attend As Many Conferences and Conventions As You Can

There are currently many conferences and conventions that happen all year. This is one of the lead generation strategies in networking that should be utilized more often. The conferences allow you to learn more about your industry through industry-related activities and seminars. These conventions also give you the chance to create strategic partnerships that can lead to new projects with members of different organizations.

Make Yourself Memorable

While networking, you usually have a short amount of time to make an impression, so make yours memorable. Think of some detail that can make you stand out to your networking partner. You can come up with an amusing anecdote, or think of an unusual question to ask your networking partner. It is especially important to stand out if you are at a networking event specific to your industry where attendees have similar goals and many conversations are happening concurrently.

Making yourself stand out at networking events will also greatly help in your follow-up, too. For instance, when you draft your follow-up correspondence, recall the topic of conversation you had with them. You can write a comment like, “I met you at the event in New York. I was the lady who told you that story about all the unusual things that happened on my last business trip.”  This way, you can boost their memory with this reference to your meeting.

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