The Best Networking Strategy-Build Relationships First

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Any professional or small business entrepreneur will tell you networking is all about relationships. When you learn how to build relationships, it makes you valuable to your network and, over time, will grow your business.

8 Underused Networking Strategies that Can Empower Your Success

Why is Relationship Management Important?

Think about all the successful people you know. What is the one thing they most likely have in common? They have noted achievements in their professional and personal lives. This is because they effectively know how to build relationships.

The First Impression is the Only One

It is critical to remember that your first impression will shape your relationships permanently. You will be judged by people in a matter of seconds, so make that first impression count. Practice some thoughtful communication techniques and create a way to introduce yourself that will make you stand out but in a positive and constructive light.

Give Your Networking Partner Your Full Attention

Once you have engaged in conversation with someone, give them your full attention. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by your phone or others around you. People feel more relaxed when they feel they are being heard. When you are there in the moment, it establishes trust and respect, which will build relationships.

Be Ready To Facilitate Conversations

Nothing is worse than awkward silence, especially while networking. Therefore, be prepared to facilitate conversations by beginning discussions and keeping the conversation momentum going. You can think of any topic to maintain the conversation, but just make sure the topic is stimulating enough to pique your network’s interest. Once you have them engaged, you can segway into an industry-relevant topic. 

Have a Relevant Message

To deliver a relevant message that resonates with your networking partner, you must be aware of several factors. One of these is knowing who you are speaking to and the subjects you are speaking about. Before attending your next networking event, do some research on your audience, appropriate news, and current events. This will prepare you to come up with relevant topics and questions that you can bring to the event.

Quality Connections Are the Key

One key to effective networking is to identify relevant connections at events. When attending events, your goal should not be to meet as many people as possible but to build relationships with key people in your industry. It takes some time to build win-win relationships that will be valuable to your network, so the focus should be on quality connections, not on the sheer number of them.

Networking and Social Media

You can also utilize social media to build relationships. These platforms make it quicker and easier for people to communicate than ever before. Even if someone is too busy for a phone call, they can still check and communicate on social media. If you create a reputation as someone who is actively networking on social media platforms, it can significantly empower your success with your networking efforts.

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