How to Find Business Events Online

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Attending networking events can provide the exposure your business needs to take it to the next level. If you are looking to attend networking events to develop your business, you can easily find such events if you know where to look. Read on to learn about where to find the networking events that will help you find new clients.

Where To Find Business Networking Events on the Web

Online Business Networking Sites

There are a few great websites where you can find conferences and networking events. There are two that are considered to be the best. They are:

Eventbrite is an event-based website. On there, you can find listings for many networking events, both free of charge and paid. On Eventbrite, you will find conferences, discussions, workshops, and much more. The website has filters in which you can find events in any region in several categories including travel, health, tech, and more.

On Meetup, you can find free and low-cost in-person meetups anywhere. The website allows users to find meetups through very specific filters to find people in any industry. The website also has a filter for career and business events so you can find local career-focused groups to optimize your networking.

Social Media and Online Common Interest Groups

If you haven’t already joined industry-related groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, do it now. You can use these social media platforms to get information about upcoming business networking events. For instance, you can develop your business through LinkedIn by joining industry-related groups. Make sure you are active in the groups and check postings regularly. Your colleagues, through these groups,  may post about a business networking event coming up soon that you may want to attend.

If you do a Google search, you can easily find some common interest groups that you could join. Search for organizations and subscribe to their newsletters. These organizations usually hold networking events from time to time, as well as seminars and classes.

Contact Your Alumni Organization

Contact your university’s alumni association and sign up. These organizations host a wide array of events that are prime for networking. These events open up a whole new batch of connections and spread a wider net with your networking. Another plus: These organizations host reunions and holiday parties, so not only will you reconnect with former classmates and colleagues, you can make unlimited new connections.

Contact Local Organizations

Never underestimate the power of relationships through networking locally. A quick online search will connect you to your local Chamber of Commerce, and organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs in your area. These local organizations have many business and networking events year-round. Make sure you sign up for their periodic newsletters where they will surely post about upcoming events.

Talk to Your Colleagues

You can always speak to a co-worker briefly, even online through a messaging app such as Slack, and ask them if they have heard of any recent online sites for events. You can also ask about their connections on LinkedIn.

Another good source for networking events is your mentor at work, one that has many years of experience in your industry. This individual has surely attended many business events in their career.

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