The Best Way To Follow Up with Potential Clients

The Best Way To Follow Up with Potential Clients

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After your next networking event, there will be the inevitable follow-up contact. When you identify relevant connections and want to take the next step, what do you do?  If you are unsure about how to implement that all-important follow-up, we can help. Read on to learn the best ways to follow up with potential clients.

Guide to Building Profitable Relationships After A Networking Event

Best Relationship Management Tips

A small business entrepreneur can create strategic partnerships with these tips to increase business development. This personalized relationship strategy can empower your success and add value to your connections.

Don’t Push

Persistence is the key to successful networking follow-ups, but it is important to not be too pushy or aggressive with the communication. If someone feels pressured to do business with you, this will most likely work against you and turn them off. This can also make you come across to the client as being desperate. If your potential client feels desperation coming from you, they may begin to wonder the multitude of reasons why. All of this could lead to the client bowing out of your association altogether.

Have a Unique Follow-Up

When it comes to your follow-up, try not to make it so generic. The typical ‘nice to meet you, contact me with any questions’, etc. is worn out. In your follow-up, mention a topic you discussed with this person at the networking event. In this message, you can also mention any takeaways you had from your interaction with the person. For example, if this person gave you a valuable piece of industry information, mention that in your follow-up.

Remind The Contact Where and When You Met

In your follow-up email or message, don’t forget to mention initially where and when you met, plus key points discussed in your conversation. This will help your quality connections remember the details of your meeting. This is the genesis for you to create collaboration opportunities and build profitable relationships with this follow-up. You also make it easier for your connection to remember you and return your call when they do not have to go through their notes or their recollections.

Follow Up in an Extremely Timely Manner

Do not let this new connection go stale by waiting for them to follow up with you. You should follow up with your new contact while the memory is still fresh in their mind. A good rule for the follow-up is within one day after the meeting, but no longer than a week on the outset. You do not want your new connection to forget about you. If you wait too long to remind them, the person will note your tardiness.

Send Them a Relevant Article

One great way to build win-win relationships is to send your new contact an informative and industry-related article. This is a small gesture that can go a very long way. You can also send them a relevant article about something else this person may have mentioned in your meeting. For example, if your contact mentioned the desire to take a road trip with their family, you could send them articles about that topic. When you send this potential client something relevant, it will be valuable to your connection that you paid attention to your conversation to create this relationship.

Promotora Systems Inc. can assist your business with all its network management tasks. We can help you optimize your networking skills to help you build relationships and find new clients. Contact us today to get started growing your business.

Connect with Your Ideal Client through Happy Hours, Group Meetings & More

Connect with Your Ideal Client through Happy Hours, Group Meetings & More

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When you are looking to develop your business, marketing your business has many methods to reach more people. Many do not realize that these little events and enhancements can become great lead generation strategies to find new clients.  If you are unsure exactly how to grow your business by developing relationships, we can help. In this article, we will be your guide to building profitable relationships and tell you the ways you can connect with your ideal client.

Ways to Connect With Your Ideal Client

Host A Dinner Party

A great way to find and connect with others in your industry is by hosting a dinner party right after another event ends. If you do this, you will be able to engage with others that are interested in the same topics and share the same issues. You can use the people you met and connected with to filter down your guest list.

Attend Local Group Meetups

When you attend local events such as Chamber of Commerce meetings, it is another opportunity to meet other business owners. You never know who you may meet at these meetings and how they could potentially help your business. For instance, if you meet an attorney at a meeting that specializes in employment law, you can connect with them and exchange any relevant information that could be mutually beneficial. 

Host Your Own Meet and Greet

Another way to meet more potential clients is to host your own meet-and-greet event. You can also make this meetup special by setting it in a nontraditional setting. The possibilities are limitless on what you can do with your own meet-and-greet. For example, you can host a meeting at a sporting event, the gym, a casual stroll, or you can share a fabulous meal together. All of the above can enable the meeting to be more of a friendly, casual event.

Host a Local Happy Hour

You can blast invitations via the Internet and snail mail to your prospective clients that you are hosting a happy hour locally. At this meeting, you can have a brief presentation and allow the attendees the opportunity to ask questions. This is a great way to generate leads and build relationships with your potential clients.

Share A Passion

Do you and your new connection have some common ground? For instance, if both of you love fine art, perhaps you can attend a class together. Do you share a common love for a specific cuisine? You can arrange a meeting at a restaurant to share that wonderful meal while you talk business.

Send Out Personalized Cards Via Snail Mail

A great way to connect with your new connections is to send out personalized cards to commemorate something like their birthday, a promotion, or a new position. People will remember you for the effort you make with this personal touch. You can do these ultra-personal tasks in half the time from your laptop. SendOutCards makes it easy to create a template for a card, write a personalized message, and send it all out in one place.

There are numerous ways to find new clients through networking. These suggestions can set you apart from the typical stuffy, boring meetings. People will appreciate the effort that you put into your interactions with them. Over time, you will notice that there will be many more people wanting to meet with you to potentially create strategic partnerships and build win-win relationships.

Promotora Systems Inc. can show you how to make your business profitable through relationships. Contact us today to get started on your business development.

8 Tips To Be an Effective Networker at Community Events

8 Tips To Be an Effective Networker at Community Events

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Small business entrepreneurs are always looking for the best ways to get the most out of the time they attend networking events. After you have chosen which networking events you plan to attend, you can then create a strategic partnership strategy that can help you get the most out of each event. We created a list of helpful networking tips that will bring you quality connections and help you with your overall business development.

8 Tips For Effective Networking at Community Events

Introduce Yourself to the Event Organizer

One of the best ways to learn more about a company is to speak to the event organizer. Seek them out at the event and introduce yourself. They can then introduce you to other attendees to help you break the ice.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Networking events generally run for a couple of hours maximum. Therefore, your time to meet people is limited and you should not spread yourself too thin at events. When it comes to networking, quality connections are better than a mass quantity of random people.  It does not make much sense to work the room just to get as many contacts as possible. Proper relationship management happens when you focus on a few solid connections.

Join in Conversations and Be Engaged

While at the event, don’t hesitate to join in conversations whenever possible. Wait for a pause in the conversation to introduce yourself and add your input to the conversation. Most of the time, the other attendees will be delighted to bring a new person into the fold. However, when you approach new people and get a sense that they are having a serious discussion without a segway for you to enter the conversation, then you can politely excuse yourself and move on.

Hand Out Business Cards with Care

The purpose of these networking events is to find quality connections, so be discerning to whom you hand your business cards. Do not just hand them out to random people at events with no introduction or explanation.

Evaluate Your New Contacts after the Event

After your networking event, ask yourself two questions: Can this contact help me and can I help them? One mistake many people make when they try to evaluate relevant connections is they forget the rule of reciprocity. You should bring something to the table such as some industry advice or another connection that you could introduce them to. This is a great way to add value to connections. Eventually, you will get a wonderful reputation in your network as being a helpful person.

Build Relationships with Your Valuable Contacts

To develop your relationship strategy, you must learn everything you can about them. Discover all about their product/service, business, and even their personal interests. Then you educate them about you and your company. Keep in touch as often as you can, and get together whenever possible.

Nurture Your New Contacts

Just like a plant that needs water, your new contacts need nurturing, as well, for them to blossom into profitable relationships. This relationship maintenance is a key component to empower your success. Make sure that you touch base often with your new connections.

You can initially connect with them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and send a short message to begin your dialogue. From this point, you can begin to cultivate this new relationship with the exchange of valuable information and industry advice.

As your contact list grows, you will also have to re-evaluate your list. People change positions all the time, so you will need to update all your information on a semi-regular basis.

Promotora Systems Inc. can help you develop relationships to grow your business. Contact us today to get started.

5 Ways Being Active Online Benefits Real Estate Agents

5 Ways Being Active Online Benefits Real Estate Agents

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Getting online today is the best way to benefit your real estate business. In this information age, it is much easier to find resources on any topic faster and easier than ever before. Many industries have had to evolve with this new way of doing business, and real estate is no exception. In this article, we will explain why Internet marketing is beneficial to your real estate business.

5 Ways Realtors Can Use Internet Marketing

The various methods that you can market your real estate business online include:

Exposure through Online Advertising

The Internet has taken over as the major venue for advertising a new business. An astonishing 80 percent of homebuyers visit the Internet first when beginning their search. Today, people can get a comprehensive understanding of a property they have an interest in before they see it in person. This saves time for buyers and agents alike. In the past, realtors and buyers had to relay this information in person or over the phone.

Lead Capture Forms

This Call to Action (CTA) is the most efficient way to find new clients. A lead capture form is a tool that is used to collect customer data. When you include this form on your website and social media, it makes it incredibly easy to generate leads.

Syndicate Listings on the Internet

The majority of realtors syndicate their listing on many major realty websites. These sites include Zillow and Trulia. These websites help buyers narrow down the number of homes they must visit in person.

Personal/Company Website

You will need to create a marketing strategy that can target your desired demographic. This is where a realtor can benefit greatly from having a personal website. Your website is a great place to supplement listings on real estate portals. Don’t forget to include CTA functions on the site to generate leads including sign-up forms, social media buttons, images, your biography, and even virtual home tours.

Engage on Social Media

Today, many real estate agents are getting social profiles. YouTube is one of the best platforms to reach potential customers through informative and entertaining videos. You can develop your business through LinkedIn to identify relevant connections, connect with them, and build relationships there. Additionally, many realtors are using Facebook and Twitter as part of their lead generation strategies to promote their businesses and reach out to potential clients.

Promotora Systems Inc. can show you how to develop your business online. Our coaching programs can be your guide to building profitable relationships. Contact us today to assist you with all your network management needs.

Networking For Real Estate Agents: 6 Tips to Make You Irresistible

Networking For Real Estate Agents: 6 Tips to Make You Irresistible

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The real estate market is highly competitive. It can be incredibly hard for any small business entrepreneur to make a mark in their industry, and real estate is no exception. If you are not sure how to develop your business with networking, we can help. Read on to discover useful networking tips that can strengthen the power of relationships and grow your business.

6 Network Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

Be Unbelievably Helpful

As with networking within any industry, people want to connect with others that will be valuable to your network. You can begin the foundation to build win-win relationships by getting a reputation as someone helpful. Before attending your next event, make a shortlist of people you would like to meet at this event. If you put it out there, you will expand your network over time. Eventually, the rule of reciprocity will come into play someday when you may need it.

Pick an Event from Eventbrite

When seeking networking events, eventually you are meeting the same people at specific networking events in your industry. While it is a good idea to nurture your current connections, you should also look outside your industry, as well. To find new clients in different places, try to pick networking events that differ from what you usually attend. Pick a random event from Eventbrite and attend a networking event that will be an entirely new experience. You never know who you may meet and how they may be able to assist your business sometime in the future.

Add People from Outside Your Regular Network

You can optimize your networking when you add a handful of new people at every event. The point of attending these events is to meet new people, so do not spend all your networking time with people you already know. Don’t forget that you grow your business by developing relationships with new people. Make a point to meet at least five new people at a networking event.

Find New Connections

There are many unconventional places where you can discover quality connections. Ask your friends what interesting connections they have and see if you can make a connection through their introduction. Does your friend know someone that works in your industry or a professional individual that can help your business in some way? For instance, your friend knows an accountant that is looking to find new clients. You can meet up at a local coffee shop or a happy hour and get acquainted. When you begin some of these new connections on a social level, it can help you to feel more comfortable.

You are most likely to get more interesting connections when you think outside the box. Does your local gym have a bulletin board where you could post a local networking event? What other local and national organizations are you affiliated with? For example, if you belong to the International Alumni Association, that can be a great outlet to find new clients. A large association like this can enable lead generation.

Change your Networking Strategy

Many new business owners do not see how networking can help with business development. You must add networking into your weekly schedule. Block one hour a week specifically for networking. Do not let your networking lapse; we are all extremely busy. After a while, these networking events can become a blur of new contacts. If you do not follow up with your connection while your event is still fresh in their memory, the connection can get stale.

Another way that you can alter your networking strategy is through social media platforms. Try a different social media strategy to gain new connections outside of your usual target. You can do this by following 10 new non-real estate people on Twitter and LinkedIn a week. Ignore the algorithm-based suggestions and choose people that are experts in other fields outside of your industry. If you just follow these people on social media, it will expand your perspective and lead you to new people you never would have thought of otherwise.

Be Unusual So You Are Remembered

Instead of following the herd and sending out the usual promotional material like Christmas cards, do something unconventional. Instead, send a card to commemorate another occasion such as a birthday. Find ways to meaningfully engage with your clientele to empower your success.

Don’t forget to be fearless. After all, you have nothing to lose, only much potential to build win-win relationships with as many people as you can. Do not let a fear of rejection prevent you from the opportunity to grow your business.

Promotora Systems Inc. has excellent coaching programs that can help you grow your business by developing relationships. Contact us today so we can show you how to make your business profitable through networking.