Networking For Real Estate Agents: 6 Tips to Make You Irresistible

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The real estate market is highly competitive. It can be incredibly hard for any small business entrepreneur to make a mark in their industry, and real estate is no exception. If you are not sure how to develop your business with networking, we can help. Read on to discover useful networking tips that can strengthen the power of relationships and grow your business.

6 Network Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

Be Unbelievably Helpful

As with networking within any industry, people want to connect with others that will be valuable to your network. You can begin the foundation to build win-win relationships by getting a reputation as someone helpful. Before attending your next event, make a shortlist of people you would like to meet at this event. If you put it out there, you will expand your network over time. Eventually, the rule of reciprocity will come into play someday when you may need it.

Pick an Event from Eventbrite

When seeking networking events, eventually you are meeting the same people at specific networking events in your industry. While it is a good idea to nurture your current connections, you should also look outside your industry, as well. To find new clients in different places, try to pick networking events that differ from what you usually attend. Pick a random event from Eventbrite and attend a networking event that will be an entirely new experience. You never know who you may meet and how they may be able to assist your business sometime in the future.

Add People from Outside Your Regular Network

You can optimize your networking when you add a handful of new people at every event. The point of attending these events is to meet new people, so do not spend all your networking time with people you already know. Don’t forget that you grow your business by developing relationships with new people. Make a point to meet at least five new people at a networking event.

Find New Connections

There are many unconventional places where you can discover quality connections. Ask your friends what interesting connections they have and see if you can make a connection through their introduction. Does your friend know someone that works in your industry or a professional individual that can help your business in some way? For instance, your friend knows an accountant that is looking to find new clients. You can meet up at a local coffee shop or a happy hour and get acquainted. When you begin some of these new connections on a social level, it can help you to feel more comfortable.

You are most likely to get more interesting connections when you think outside the box. Does your local gym have a bulletin board where you could post a local networking event? What other local and national organizations are you affiliated with? For example, if you belong to the International Alumni Association, that can be a great outlet to find new clients. A large association like this can enable lead generation.

Change your Networking Strategy

Many new business owners do not see how networking can help with business development. You must add networking into your weekly schedule. Block one hour a week specifically for networking. Do not let your networking lapse; we are all extremely busy. After a while, these networking events can become a blur of new contacts. If you do not follow up with your connection while your event is still fresh in their memory, the connection can get stale.

Another way that you can alter your networking strategy is through social media platforms. Try a different social media strategy to gain new connections outside of your usual target. You can do this by following 10 new non-real estate people on Twitter and LinkedIn a week. Ignore the algorithm-based suggestions and choose people that are experts in other fields outside of your industry. If you just follow these people on social media, it will expand your perspective and lead you to new people you never would have thought of otherwise.

Be Unusual So You Are Remembered

Instead of following the herd and sending out the usual promotional material like Christmas cards, do something unconventional. Instead, send a card to commemorate another occasion such as a birthday. Find ways to meaningfully engage with your clientele to empower your success.

Don’t forget to be fearless. After all, you have nothing to lose, only much potential to build win-win relationships with as many people as you can. Do not let a fear of rejection prevent you from the opportunity to grow your business.

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