The Best Way To Follow Up with Potential Clients

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After your next networking event, there will be the inevitable follow-up contact. When you identify relevant connections and want to take the next step, what do you do?  If you are unsure about how to implement that all-important follow-up, we can help. Read on to learn the best ways to follow up with potential clients.

Guide to Building Profitable Relationships After A Networking Event

Best Relationship Management Tips

A small business entrepreneur can create strategic partnerships with these tips to increase business development. This personalized relationship strategy can empower your success and add value to your connections.

Don’t Push

Persistence is the key to successful networking follow-ups, but it is important to not be too pushy or aggressive with the communication. If someone feels pressured to do business with you, this will most likely work against you and turn them off. This can also make you come across to the client as being desperate. If your potential client feels desperation coming from you, they may begin to wonder the multitude of reasons why. All of this could lead to the client bowing out of your association altogether.

Have a Unique Follow-Up

When it comes to your follow-up, try not to make it so generic. The typical ‘nice to meet you, contact me with any questions’, etc. is worn out. In your follow-up, mention a topic you discussed with this person at the networking event. In this message, you can also mention any takeaways you had from your interaction with the person. For example, if this person gave you a valuable piece of industry information, mention that in your follow-up.

Remind The Contact Where and When You Met

In your follow-up email or message, don’t forget to mention initially where and when you met, plus key points discussed in your conversation. This will help your quality connections remember the details of your meeting. This is the genesis for you to create collaboration opportunities and build profitable relationships with this follow-up. You also make it easier for your connection to remember you and return your call when they do not have to go through their notes or their recollections.

Follow Up in an Extremely Timely Manner

Do not let this new connection go stale by waiting for them to follow up with you. You should follow up with your new contact while the memory is still fresh in their mind. A good rule for the follow-up is within one day after the meeting, but no longer than a week on the outset. You do not want your new connection to forget about you. If you wait too long to remind them, the person will note your tardiness.

Send Them a Relevant Article

One great way to build win-win relationships is to send your new contact an informative and industry-related article. This is a small gesture that can go a very long way. You can also send them a relevant article about something else this person may have mentioned in your meeting. For example, if your contact mentioned the desire to take a road trip with their family, you could send them articles about that topic. When you send this potential client something relevant, it will be valuable to your connection that you paid attention to your conversation to create this relationship.

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