Networking for Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches: Top Tips to Capitalize on Social Media

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Social media network management can drive a business coach or small business entrepreneur to the top level of success. This type of relationship management can be a bit complex. We can show you how to develop your business by networking on social media.

Top Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches

Share Relevant Content to Add Value to Your Network

Are you unsure how adding value improves relationships on social media? When you share relevant content with your audience, you are actually being of value to your network. When you share this informative content, you are seen as an expert in your industry by your colleagues.

Tell A Compelling Story

People like to do business with people they know. On social media, it can be quite challenging to get that connection that you would normally get in face-to-face interaction. Write a compelling story about you and/or the genesis of your business to introduce yourself to your target audience. The story should evoke an emotional response from your audience. This is providing a story that a human being is leading your brand, making it memorable and making you more relatable to the audience.

Inspire Your Target Audience

You can inspire your potential clients as you share your business progress with them through social media. When these people read your backstory and see how far you have come, it should motivate them to hire you as an expert to assist them in their business journey.

Share Testimonials

One of the best ways to draw in more clients is testimonials. When a prospective client is looking to make their final decision, they may seek out testimonials from past clients to enable them to make the decision. Showcase your best work on social media by providing testimonials from past clients.

Monitor Social Media Engagement

When you post content on social media, you will start noticing trends in post-performance. You should use Google Analytics or another monitoring platform to monitor the data. When you track your social media posts, you will see insights on how all content performs. You can then tweak your content to improve your performance.

Include Calls To Action

A call to action (CTA) is a task a user must complete to go to the next step. Make sure that your CTA is concise, as your audience must need a reason to click on it. Give them a compelling reason why they should take this action immediately. If you have clarity on what your audience will take away from the CTA, it will make it easier for them to move into the sales funnel.

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