Top 6 Tools to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

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We all know LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your network, but did you know you can also use it to generate leads for your business? There are a number of tools you can use to automate this process and make it even easier to grow your business. Here are our top 6 tools to generate leads on LinkedIn.

#1 – Dux-Soup


This tool is a Google Chrome add-on that can help to automate some of the key activities you need to help grow your business and generate leads on LinkedIn. Some uses of Dux-Soup are to maintain customer data, view prospects, endorse skills, send personalized messages, and automate drip emails. This tool even allows you to download profiles directly from LinkedIn and add them to your CRM.


#2 – LeadFuze


LeadFuze gives you access to the contact data of professionals from more than 14 million organizations. You can even filter your leads based on various data such as company size, location, and more. Using LeadFuze’s AI-powered Fuzebot, you’ll be able to generate your lead lists automatically.


#3 –


This tool allows you to find bulk B2B emails of your contacts using LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator by searching public web pages based on LinkedIn account information. combined with Sales Navigator is a quick and easy way to get leads and emails in bulk. There is also a Google add-on that can scan web pages for B2B emails.


#4 – Octopus CRM


Octopus helps you with prospecting new leads online and has built-in automation tools to create sales funnels and manage all of your CRM activities. Octopus also learns more about your business and your lead generation needs the more you use it, so it only gets better with time.


#5 – Scrab


Scrab is a lead generation tool that helps to automate your lead capture process. You can also automate your outreach by messaging new leads, visiting profiles, and making genuine connections. Scrab also allows you to manage your lead information and details online.


#6 – LeadGrabber Pro


This tool lets you save time by quickly building targeted lists full of contact information that is stored on an easy-to-read spreadsheet. You can then export this information directly to your CRM to have easy access when you need to contact a decision-maker within a company.


These lead generation tools are great additions to your marketing strategy and will help to boost your efficiency on LinkedIn. Using one of these tools will help you save time and grow your business. If you need help getting started with LinkedIn lead generation, contact us and we will be happy to help.