Top 5 Networking Mistakes Business Owners Make

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Networking is a skill that must be honed over time. Even the most seasoned businesspeople have a tough time with one-on-one interactions at events. For successful network management, you will need to avoid these common networking mistakes that can be counterproductive to your business growth.

The Networking Mistakes Small Business Entrepreneurs Make

Keeping it Impersonal

When meeting new people at events, you hope to build win-win relationships. It is important to understand how the power of relationships can help your business exponentially. That being said, there is still no substitute for meeting at an in-person networking event. When you meet people in person, you can get a better read on who they are inside. When approaching someone new, try to find some common interest to spark conversation and go from there. You may feel awkward at first, but over time this will become easier.

Many are looking to rediscover that human connection that we missed during the coronavirus lockdowns. Now we are ready to get back out there, meet people again, and resume business.

Being Selfish

When it comes to building connections, always remember the rule of reciprocity. Let’s face it, self-serving people are not popular anywhere, and they are especially unpopular in industry circles. If you earn a reputation as someone that takes instead of gives, it can be counterproductive.

You need to be valuable to your network, as in you need to bring something to the table. If you are wondering how adding value can improve your business, the answer is simple. Over time, as you attend these events, you will earn a reputation as an industry leader. You need to position yourself with other successful people in your industry and develop a relationship based on give-and-take.

Not Offering Help to a Peer

When you meet a new person in your industry at an event, you should make the effort to get to know them. The objective is to build relationships. Offer to help your peer in any way that may be relevant. This will establish trust almost immediately as this shows that you have a common goal. Your reputation as an expert in your industry will begin to materialize, and your peers will want to hear what you have to say.

Making it About Quantity Over Quality

It is of the utmost importance that these connections you make are beneficial to your business in some way. This is the time to be a little more selective and identify relevant connections. Take the time and effort to find quality connections instead of a great number of them. It is better to make one or two quality connections at an event than to leave with a handful of business cards that will go nowhere as far as relationships.

Not Following Up

The final networking mistake business owners make is the failure to follow up. The follow-up is the key to your networking success. If you fail to follow up with your new connections, it is just a missed opportunity. Make a specific plan to follow up with all relevant connections you have made at your events, and navigate the waters to build profitable relationships for all.

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