Top 5 Collaboration Tools for Your Business

Top 5 Collaboration Tools for Your Business

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Collaboration tools make it easy for your team to work together on projects, whether team members are in the same office or even the same state. With remote work becoming more and more prevalent, your business needs to have collaboration tools to make your employees’ jobs easier. We have put together a list of the top 5 collaboration tools you need for your business.

For project management, you can’t go wrong with Trello. This collaboration tool allows you to create various boards for each of your projects and add the relevant team members who are working on the project. There are checklists to keep your team on track, and even due dates to ensure that tasks are being completed on time. Trello is easy to use and a sure way to keep your team members on the same page as they work on various tasks.

Another great tool is Airtable. This spreadsheet-based platform makes it easy to track projects, build databases, automate actions, and even manage customer relationship information. This platform is a little more complex, but after you take some time to learn how to integrate all of the various functions, you will have a powerful collaboration tool for your whole office to use.

To keep lines of communication open among your team, Slack is a great resource. You can use it on both your desktop and your phone to allow for collaboration no matter where you are. Slack also makes file transfers easy so that projects can be handed down from one team member to another without having to send email after email. Best of all, Slack integrates with other collaboration tools such as Trello.

One of the most well-known collaboration tools is Asana. This tool is similar to Trello in that it allows you to assign tasks and deadlines, but one of the most useful features is its built-in calendar that helps you to track your to-do list. With Asana, you can keep track of everything you and your employees need to accomplish.

One of the most widely used collaboration tools is Google Docs. This allows your employees to share documents and files across your network. It also ensures that only people with editing privileges are able to make changes. This tool allows multiple users to access files at the same time, leave comments, and save changes automatically.

This is just a small sampling of the collaboration tools that are available. Incorporating a few of these into your business is a sure way to keep your employees on track and help to boost productivity by making workflow easier when collaborating remotely. However, these tools aren’t just for remote work; they work just as well in an office setting, too. If you need help figuring out how to add collaboration tools to your business, contact us and we can help.