Top 10 Lead Generation Errors

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If you have established your marketing strategy and the results are lackluster, you may have to do some tweaking to get better results. If your marketing campaign needs some work, we can help you identify these common lead generation errors and get you the results your business needs.

Top Lead Generation Errors

Not Making Your Ultimate Outcome A Priority

Think about the last interaction your potential customer had with you before they became a client. It does not matter if it is a phone call, email, or something else that made the client decide to buy. That is your ultimate outcome. You would need a channel that would be efficient at producing calls or follow-up emails. Search engine marketing can lead to other elements of conversion including ads for mobile devices and call buttons. When you align each detail of your marketing strategy to your ultimate outcome, you ensure more success for your business.

Paying Attention to the Wrong Metrics

Metrics define how to get to that ultimate outcome. However, the metrics are not your end result, the outcome is. The metrics themselves reveal the flaws in your campaign. If your impressions are low and you lack a significant number of clicks, then some adjustments will need to be made.

Too Many Complications in the Conversion Process

In the fast paced world wide web, people are so used to getting information fast and easy they will become inpatient if they have to wait for a page to load, etc. The user experience can make or break your website and your business. The conversion process needs to be as smooth as possible in order to get those new customers.

Expecting and Asking for Too Much Too Soon

Some prospects will need to ponder over your information before they are ready to convert. The worst thing you can do in this case is to pressure or rush people into conversion. Automation can be used to nurture these particular leads and slowly get them ready for conversion.

Using Only One Conversion Point

Different people react in different ways to almost everything. If you have only one option for prospects to convert, it may only be useful for some of the people. Take into consideration your prospects and the different reactions they may have to things. When you build your campaign, take into consideration several methods of showing interest and reaching out to a business.

Not Having an Intriguing Reason for Your Audience to Engage

If you don’t hook your prospects in immediately, they may lose interest fairly quickly and move on. Ask yourself what is it about your business that would have your prospects care? Do you have helpful, relevant content related to your industry on your site? Customers are looking for added value or a “takeaway” from your website. When you offer something of value to your customers, you are giving them a reason to click.


When your prospects look over your campaigns, consistency is important throughout all elements of your website. You need to have a consistent look throughout all your ads, landing pages, and more. If your prospect is confused about whether they are on the correct page due to lack of this consistency, you could lose them.

Failure to Test Different Channels

Do not put all your prospect hopes in only one channel. You can never assume that something is working based on history alone. If you test new platforms, this is the best way to discover what works for your campaign. Also, you may get some additional leads from these channels that you may not have received otherwise if you did not test alternative platforms.

Having It Only Be About You

If you make your campaign only about you and your business, your prospects won’t be inspired to take action. To be valuable to your network, you must focus on prospect issues, interests, or needs. This power of relationships can help you create strategic partnerships and build win-win relationships.

Not Providing Solutions To Problems and Issues

People can relate to others’ issues and want to take action. When you offer a solution to a prospect’s problem, you are showing them that you and your business have value. 


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