The Best Platforms for Online Communities

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The correct online community for your business is paramount for your business development. Many of these platforms have multiple features including the ability to obtain feedback from users, peer support, user-generated content, and a knowledge base, plus the ability to optimize your networking and build relationships with your users. If you are unsure about which platform to use for your online community, we can help. Read on to discover the best platforms for online communities.

The Best Online Community Platforms

The Best Online Community Platforms

Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tools for business messaging. However, many use it as an online community for professionals. Slack has many great features including real-time communication, a member directory, video calling, file browser, and the ability to create channels for discussions and categorize channels into sections.

Facebook Groups is one of the best platforms to acquire new group members. On this platform, you can create specific dedicated groups for people with any common interest. Businesses can use these groups to discuss your products and services and boost brand awareness. Highlights include the ability to create learning modules to educate members about your product, member surveys, real-time chat, and reporting and analytics.

Tribe allows users to participate in the community both on the internet and on mobile browsers wonderfully. Tribe also allows you to fully customize your community to fit into your branding strategy. The key features of this platform include the ability to embed widgets to add social media components to the site, great search engine optimization (SEO) that optimizes your community to get indexed by search engines, and powerful notification tools that will keep your members engaged.

Mighty Networks is a user-friendly platform that encourages engagement from your online community. The platform allows you to create articles with a content management system (CMS) and enables you to embed images, videos, and sound files. It also gives you the ability to post questions and polls to members. Other important features include direct private messaging, personalized activity feeds, and a custom domain.

Thinkrific has a multitude of great features that make it one of the best platforms for building an online community. The platform allows users to share many varied types of content including videos, courses, articles, and much more. Other key features of Thinkrific include customizable website themes, a drag-and-drop website builder, e-commerce capabilities, and social media integrations that allow you to market and sell a wide range of products and services.

Discourse is one of the oldest and most popular online community platforms. The multitude of features on this platform include link unfurling, plug-ins, infinite scroll, powerful API, a dashboard, personal messaging, and the ability to translate content into 45 languages. The platform has three subscription plans that include standard, business, and enterprise, with costs starting at $100 a month.

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