Selling Out 2022 Conferences: A Step-by-Step Action Plan For Business Networking

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Networking has always been the best way to empower your success to build win-win relationships. In 2022, if you are looking to jump start your business with a conference, we can help you get the best attendance for your event. Let us be your guide to building profitable relationships and finding new clients through network management.

Step 1: The Who, What, and Why

Since there has been such a long gap between events due to the pandemic, you may have to develop your event-planning skills. To do this, you may need to ask yourself a few questions to begin the foundation for your event.

First, you will need to identify relevant connections and business associates to invite to your conference.

Secondly, what are your business objectives? Do you wish to build relationships and create collaboration opportunities with some of your conference attendees? What is the ultimate goal for why you are holding the conference?

Once you decide on the who, what, and why, you can begin your planning tactics.

Step 2: Provide Company Information to Your Event Management Company

Once you have decided your purpose for your conference, it’s time to provide a comprehensive brief of your company to your event planner. Points to include in your brief:

  • Your target audience and how they feel about your company or brand, and how you want them to think, know, and feel about your company after the conference.
  • Your future goals for the company
  • What message you hope to get across at the conference
  • Any major changes to the company in the past 12-18 months

Step 3: Establish Your Timelines and Budget

The next step in the process is to define your budget for the conference and establish a timeline to plan and execute. You can also add value for your stakeholders by allowing them to have an influence on all aspects of your business and include them in your planning.

Step 4: Leverage Speakers and Attendees

Everyone involved with your conference wants it to be a success. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to attract as many attendees to the event as possible. This will increase your visibility for your company or brand. The common goal can be part of your overall marketing strategy and can motivate participants to promote your conference.

Encourage your speakers to use social media to promote their appearance and your event ahead of time. They could have content prepared and a great headshot image. No more content is needed in order to share with one click of a button. Because many speakers have a significant social media following, this can help spread the word about your conference.

You can also encourage your attendees to promote your event on social media. This can generate more interest in your event as you get closer to the date.

Step 5: Promote Your Conference

When you promote your event yourself, make sure your message is going to the right audience. To find your target audience, do some research and discover their age, gender, and what industry they work in. You can begin this process by taking a look at your last event’s attendees. You can also analyze your website traffic to get insight into your target audience.

There are also a few websites that you can utilize to promote your event. These include Eventful and 10 times.

Promotora Systems Inc. can help you with your business development and optimize your networking skills to find new clients and build relationships. We can show you how to make your business profitable through networking. Contact us today to get started.