Meetings of the Future: Virtual Meetings

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The coronavirus pandemic greatly impacted the business world. The frequent lockdowns around the world forced most workers to stay home. As a result, virtual meetings took precedence to keep worldwide commerce moving forward. In 2020 alone, Zoom saw an increase in users to nearly 300 million.

For many companies, virtual meetings are the best way to continue their business without the interference of any external factors. This appears to be the best way for these companies to continue networking events, find new clients, create collaboration opportunities, and build win-win relationships.

The following is a list of virtual meeting types that are increasing in popularity in the business world.

Virtual Reality Meetings

Virtual reality (VR) is where attendees are transported via headsets to a digital world with others instead of attending an in-person meeting or even a conference on Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. The participants have numerous options for their VR experience, including customized shared office spaces and the ability to create their own avatars. Each year, this VR technology is becoming more accessible and affordable. In the near future, look for VR headsets to become as common as the smartphone is today.

Other Types of Virtual Meetings:

Business Meeting – This is still the most popular form of virtual meeting. It basically uses a video call to replace the traditional business phone call. In this meeting type, all participants wear headsets and enter the video live stream.

Conference – Conferences involve more people. It is similar to a Zoom meeting except that it is much more interactive. Participants can choose customized avatars while the host sets up the meeting.

Remote Collaboration – This type of VR meeting is quite different from the others. Besides having a VR conference, meeting participants can actively complete their tasks online during the meeting. There is no limit to the number of participants you can have working on your collaboration, and they can be located anywhere worldwide. This digital environment allows for great creativity and innovation.

Virtual Workspaces – These are similar to remote collaboration but on a much larger scale. This is the ideal setup if most of your workforce is remote. This virtual workspace can also be like a traditional office break room, where your employees can chat, make plans, and share ideas.

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