LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets for Beginners

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If you are not sure how to use LinkedIn to develop your business, we can advise you on how to generate leads on LinkedIn and build win-win relationships for the long haul.

How To Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Define Your Lead Generation Goals

The lead generation process is a long-term, ongoing task. You need to have a goal other than just to get more leads, and putting a pitch out there blindly can be counterproductive. Since lead generation takes time, you will need to keep track of your goals. Make a definitive list of goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to keep your focus clear.

Keep in mind that when you define your goals and focus on them, it helps you identify relevant connections and what type of content you want to create to convert them.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

To begin the lead generation process, you must first build your brand. You accomplish this by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. A well-constructed profile heightens your credibility and professionalism. Your LinkedIn profile should contain:
  • Basic profile information such as a professional photo, work experience, special projects, achievements, and more.
  • Testimonials and recommendations from clients, colleagues, or former employers, which are added to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Add relevant SEO keywords to your headline, experience, about section, and all content.
  • Search for and connect with prospects.

Actively Engage With Your Connections

Once you make your quality connections, you must engage with them consistently on LinkedIn. When you actively engage with your connections on LinkedIn, you increase your profile views and receive more invitations to connect.

One of the best ways to remain active with connections on LinkedIn is by joining industry-related groups on the platform. Nearly every profession and niche is represented in LinkedIn groups. Post and engage with other members of the group regularly. Add comments and like others’ posts to increase your visibility even more. This is also the best way to generate even more quality connections.

Build Your Content Strategy

Do not forget that your content strategy is directly connected to how to generate leads on LinkedIn. When your content is authoritative, it nurtures your relationship with your current connections and will draw new ones in. Pick a topic that you consider yourself an expert. You want relevant connections to be a part of your network, so tailor your content to attract those you want in your professional circle.

LinkedIn Outreach

To have lead generation on a wider scale, consider running an ad campaign on LinkedIn. If you run the right campaign, it will increase your company’s message and visibility even more. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to target your ad campaigns based on your connections because the platform has all the pertinent information about your target audience.

Promotora Systems Inc. can help you with lead generation consulting and assist you with your LinkedIn networking strategy to find new clients and create strategic partnerships. Contact us today to get started.