How To Generate Leads on LinkedIn

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The social platform LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find new clients and grow your business. If you are wondering how to generate leads on LinkedIn, we can show you how. We have some tips on how to use LinkedIn to develop relationships.

Add Relevant Connections to Your Network

When you see the “people you may know” list in your network feed, spend a few minutes each day and connect with them. Your connections will see that you are broadening your network. Remember that anyone you speak to or interact with during a business day is a potential LinkedIn connection.

You have to make sure, though, that you identify relevant connections and connect only with them. If you do not know this person, ask to be introduced by your other mutual connection. It may actually work against you if you add people just to increase your numbers.

Build Out Your Lead List

You only need a few minutes a day to find quality connections on LinkedIn. Do a little investigating of the connections you don’t know but would like to meet. Begin with the recommendations and who are the best connections of the LinkedIn members you are viewing. If you do ask one of your connections for a recommendation, it is best to do it outside of LinkedIn via email or telephone.

Post Frequent Updates

Post a daily update to your LinkedIn network. The update can be anything, from a relevant link, post or video will do, as long as it adds some value to you and your business. With each update, your post gets displayed in the news feed that your connections will see. Just be sure to add value for your connections, do not just post an advertisement or sales pitch for your business. Give your connections something to take away from your post.

Join LinkedIn Industry Groups

A fantastic way to grow your business with LinkedIn is to join industry-related groups on the platform. LinkedIn allows you the ability to connect with people in your joined industry groups. This is one of the best ways for excellent exposure for you and your business. In the groups, you can share posts and insights, and build out your network even more with more prospects.

Continue to Follow Current Clients and Prospects

Each day, spend a minute or two checking in on your current clients and potential prospects. If they have a company or group page, follow it and keep tabs on it. Whenever you find an appropriate context to comment or share, do so. This will keep you on the radar with these clients and prospects.

Write Recommendations

If you are wondering how leads on LinkedIn can develop your business, recommendations are the way to go. The key to building profitable relationships is to offer up a recommendation for a colleague. This is where you hope the rule of reciprocity will come into play, and you can ask that colleague to return the favor.

Keep LinkedIn Activity Consistent

As you continue to develop your business through LinkedIn, it is important to keep your activity on the platform consistent. This means to post at regular intervals and to connect with others’ posts and pages. You don’t need to post daily (though we recommend it), but it has to be the same cadence, such as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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