How To Determine What Value You Bring To Your Network

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Let’s face it: You meet many people at networking events. It can be very easy to forget people while networking. It isn’t practical to remember every single person you encounter, because with so many new interactions, they all can become a blur. 

How can you set yourself apart from everyone else when
business networking? Networking is the best way to create strategic partnerships that lead to mutually successful business collaborations.

How To Add Value To Your Network

Be a Service To The Community

One important part of networking is reciprocity. Your focus should be on giving and helping others, as it will come back to you someday. This helps build strong and authentic relationships. 

It can be very satisfying to connect two people who can add value to each other’s businesses and lives. When you are giving, don’t expect anything in return. When people notice you helping others with a passion, they may be influenced to reciprocate.

Share Experiences, Both Positive and Negative

Business people network not only to get new connections but to gain knowledge from others’ unique personal and professional history. This is an opportunity to learn from someone who has experienced something you have not. Share whatever insights you have with this connection. If you had learned a lesson from a past mistake, pass this information on to someone in a similar situation. Your insights may provide them with the tools to prevent a similar problem in the future.

Share Your Resources

When you find a valuable business resource, no matter if it is an article, a tool, a conference, or something else, share this with your network. There may be some people in your network that can benefit from it in some way. When you regularly share tips or other useful work strategies, people will notice you. Your network will start to see you as a person who wants to help improve the quality of their business and lives.

Share Opportunities

Share business opportunities with the people in your network. If you have a new assignment coming up, think about who in your network can contribute. If you share opportunities within your network, this shows an element of selflessness that helps build the relationship with the connection.

Share Opportunities

Networking is truly a two-way street. Your network should not consist of gathering multiple contacts where you are the only one reaping any benefits. When you are a source of contribution, you raise your value immediately. This gives you the power of building a strong business network. This network outweighs quality over quantity.


You can ultimately support your success when you create a way for people in your network to succeed, as well. These individuals who you helped will contribute to your life professionally, and perhaps personally. 

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