How Do We Filter In The Most Suitable Leads?

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Once you have acquired your new leads, you then need to separate the best leads from the ones with less potential. The way you can go about this is to funnel your leads through specific filters in order to find the leads that are the best bet in growing your business.

How to Filter Down the Most Suitable Leads

A funnel filter is also referred to as a sales funnel. This is a marketing system that guides your leads to transition them from prospect to customer. The funnel attracts the attention of these prospects, and it is designed to help you nurture these leads that have potential and rule out the leads that do not.

There are three main stages of using a funnel to filter in your best leads:


  • The top of the funnel is customer awareness
  • The middle of the funnel is consideration
  • The final stage is the bottom of the funnel, which is conversion. 

You can also add specific criteria based on your objectives and create even more filters to narrow down your best leads. 

You can sort out your leads by their
behaviors. This includes nearly anything about them including behaviors in business and their personal interests. The filter will allow you to channel the people whose behaviors are compatible with your business goals. 

Leads can also get sorted based on
challenges. If another person in your industry is facing any specific challenges, you can use that data to convert them from a potential lead to a new customer. 

As the name implies, you can filter your leads by finding those with
relevant roles in a company. It could be a sales or marketing manager, a vice president, or someone else. If you need to connect with the decision-makers, this is the best way to do it. 

You can sort leads by those that have
authority in your industry. This means connecting with those who have established a great reputation in your industry has the potential to increase the authority in your own business. These types of leads are the best way to build win-win relationships

You can also filter your leads by using
product fit as a criteria. Based on all the data you have gathered from your leads, you can determine which leads have the best potential to purchase your product or service. 

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