Get Your Network to Work For You

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To grow your network, and therefore your business, you will need to practice proper network management. You can use these tips to help you create strategic partnerships with those in your network.

How To Get Your Network to Work For You

Offer To Help Anyone Anyway You Can

The experts say the best networking tip is to help others first. Chances are that they will return the favor. You should always ask your new contacts to disclose a challenge they may currently be having. You may very well know someone who can offer a solution. That is the foundation of a successful relationship. 


This is the first step in creating credibility in your network, which will grow over time. You create this credibility in many ways — when you verify facts, keep appointments, act on promises, and render services. A failure to live up to any expectations you have set can ultimately squash the potential of a budding relationship.

Be A Person Who People Know

Create a business image for yourself that will help people remember. This, in turn, will generate business and opportunities. People tend to call on someone who is not just an expert on a topic, but someone who has been known to make others comfortable. 

Besides in-person networking opportunities, a social media presence is also extremely important. If you post industry-related relevant articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you can provide value to your connections virtually. This also helps to establish yourself as a person in touch with pertinent business issues in your industry. When you write your own articles or post comments on social media, you keep yourself in people’s minds.

Think About How Others Feel

Sometimes you will also have to try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Not everyone is going to come into your new relationship with as much enthusiasm as you might. This person may be overworked or going through some personal problems. This will require learning how to read people and their body language and signals to determine and plan your relationship strategy


For instance, if you know someone is currently swamped with work, you can decide to call on them after hours. When you leave a message, it is less intrusive than if you called them during business hours. Plus, this person will not be distracted and interrupted when you try to speak with them. This new connection can listen to the message and get back to you when it is convenient for them.

Grow and Maintain Your Network

When you grow and maintain your network, your opportunities for business collaboration increase significantly. While you grow your network, be sure to include a diverse group of people into the fold. People from different industries, nations, and socio-economic backgrounds can offer many contacts and possible solutions that might not have been on your radar. 


To grow and maintain your network, you must:


  • Be sincere to gain credibility and establish long-term relationships

  • Be very active on email marketing and social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook to pass on useful information and show that you are involved in your industry

  • Offer to help with a little tact and a little humor.

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