Follow Up and Follow through For More Impactful Networking

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After you attend a networking event, one of the most crucial steps for your network management success is follow-through. After all, why attend a networking event if you are not going to maintain contact with your new connections? Your network will grow when you follow up effectively and it will empower your success. In this article, we will tell you how to develop relationships to grow your business through the follow-up for your contacts.

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Why Is It Important To Follow Up After Networking?

When you follow up after a networking event, it can substantially help you build relationships. In addition, the follow-up allows you to ask any questions you may have forgotten to ask in your previous meeting or arrange for a meet-up. The follow-up is the first step in building a strong foundation that can lead you to create strategic partnerships.

Make Your First Contact Within 24 Hours

The timing is of the utmost importance with your networking follow-up. It is best to follow up as soon as possible after your meeting. Your contact will notice how long after you meet it took them to receive a follow-up. This can influence their decision of whether or not to continue their relationship with you. Therefore, you should contact them within 24 hours after your initial meeting while your interaction is still fresh in their memory.

At this point, whatever way you choose to contact this person will be fine. You can choose what method you are comfortable with at this point in the relationship. You can contact your connection via social media, email, or even telephone. Just make sure it is in that critical 24-hour window.

Mention A Conversation You Had During the Event

Most networking events have many attendees, and (hopefully) several new connections are made. When you reach out to your contact to follow up, mention something you had discussed. You can state it as simply as “I enjoyed meeting you at the NAME Conference. I especially enjoyed our conversation about the quarterly growth projections for our industry.” When you jog the memory of your contact, it can ignite the connection you have and empower your success.

Use Linkedin to Develop Relationships

You can grow your business with LinkedIn by incorporating the social media platform into your follow-up. You should connect on LinkedIn to further solidify your relationship. After you connect on the platform, interact and comment on their posts, and join any industry-related groups where this connection may be a member. Then you can join them in any relevant discussions and posts.

Once you and the other person form a rapport, you can ask them to write you a recommendation so you can generate leads on LinkedIn. However, DO NOT ask for a recommendation in your initial follow-up. This is a request that is best made after you take some time to cultivate the relationship.

Remember the Rule of Reciprocity

Doing for others is one of the best ways to build win-win relationships in your network. When you make a new contact, it is best to offer to help before asking for a favor. If there is any way you can help this person, do it. It can be something as simple as forwarding them a relevant article or telling them about an opportunity that you had heard about. This is how to add value to your relationships, as you will gain a great reputation in your network. One day, you may need help from someone in your network, and they will be eager to return the favor.

Ask For A One-on-One Meeting

In your follow-up, you should suggest a meet-up with your new connection to cultivate the relationship. If your connection is local, you can meet up for coffee or a casual lunch. If distance is a factor, you can always schedule a Zoom chat or a phone call. When suggesting the meeting, mention the last conversation you had with your connection as an incentive to meet again. You can write something along the lines of, “I wanted to continue the conversation we had about X. Could we meet up at the coffee shop sometime next week to take the discussion further?”

Check Your Follow-Up Carefully

Remember how important this follow-up can be to optimize your networking and help you find new clients. Therefore, make sure you carefully edit and follow up on all correspondence before sending it. The follow-up is the perfect opportunity to put your best self front and center, so make sure your message is professional to make the best possible impression.

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