Effective Connection Techniques Your Network Will Thank You For

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If you are not sure how to add value to your network, we have some useful tips for you. We can help you add value to connections with these relationship management and network management techniques.

Meet People Through Connections

One of the best ways to develop your personalized relationship strategy is to utilize the people already in your network. In this age, quality connections are made this way above all others. For example, at an event, stick close to your already-familiar connection. Introduce yourself to new people that orbit your connection and try to work yourself into conversations. 

Another way is to develop relationships to grow your business is to use LinkedIn.  This platform has an online introduction tool that does this networking technique in a similar fashion.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is still the best and most effective way to get to know your connections better. Do some research and try to find like-minded colleagues and other important contacts. 

You can generate leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, just to name a few. Keep active with your social media presence by liking and commenting on potential contacts’ posts to get their attention. Start conversations with a person about your mutual interest and offer something of value in return. In the future when you do meet this person face-to-face, your impression on them will have a greater impact.

Never Ask For A Job

Networking is never, ever asking anyone for a job. Networking is gathering information, seeking out new connections, and getting direction in your job search. The main networking objective is to build relationships and set up potential business collaborations.

Use Your Resume to Get Feedback

After you have established a rapport with the new people, you can ask for some sage advice. You can then ask this person to review your resume and get some constructive feedback on it. The benefits of this are numerous: In reviewing your resume, they will read about your work history and other details they may not already know about you. They may know somewhere at a company where you may be a perfect fit.

Be Sure All Conversations are Two-Way

A great way to create strategic partnerships is to use the rule of reciprocity. Make sure when networking that you take time to listen to the other person. If you ask for advice, make sure you listen to everything they have to say. If you are the only one speaking, the other person will most likely get the impression that you have absolutely no interest in them or what they do. This may also cause them to feel uncertainty about what action to take based on the information you are giving them. The rule of reciprocity is the most effective way to build win-win relationships for all.

Provide An Example of Your Success

Once you have found your mutual interest or topic with your new connection, present them with a success story. Tell how you have helped another person with a similar problem or situation. When networking, people look for examples of success in their field.

Tap Into and Expand Your Network

Networking is all about meeting people. You also network to tap into the additional people your network already has available. Your network can multiply fairly quickly this way. You can also gain information such as professional organizations with more possible connections.

Follow Up and Say Thank You

Fabricate reasons to keep your new relationship going, and don’t let the new connection be forgotten. Send this person relevant Linkedin articles, and connect with and interact with them on social media platforms. Try to find additional in-person networking opportunities often and share invitations with this person. 


Always remember to thank this person for spending their time speaking with you. Thank them for the useful information they provided you at the previous networking event. You can just drop a message on LinkedIn or another social media platform. Always try to find a personalized touch to add to your message. 

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