Are Small In-Person Events the Future of Business Networking?

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The coronavirus pandemic managed to obliterate gatherings both large and small for nearly two years. Now that in-person events are returning, some protocols will need to be addressed. To prevent the further spread of the virus, many companies are looking to have smaller, more intimate networking events. What many don’t realize is that you can still grow your business by developing relationships during these smaller events.

Keep It Less Than 100 People

For the foreseeable future, many people will prefer to attend these smaller, more intimate events. Besides the obvious health concerns, people want the chance to have meaningful interactions with other attendees. It is suggested to keep the number of attendees less than 100.

Have A Strategy

It is best to have a specific goal at your event for both your company and your attendees. Define what it is you are trying to accomplish with this event. Are you looking to find new clients, have quality connections, or create strategic partnerships?  Choose your invitees based on your goals. You can add value to your network when you choose the correct attendees for your event, as your guests receive this benefit, too, and no one’s time is wasted.

Avoid Hybrid Events

During the various pandemic lockdowns worldwide, Zoom meetings became the trend in business. This was to accommodate people who could not attend in person. The issue with this event type is that people on Zoom are not really included in the loop but are more like observers. Now that in-person meetings are coming back, it is best to avoid these hybrid events.

Make It Memorable

You will need to make your event something special and memorable for your attendees. After all, this time was isolating and lacking in real human connections, so people need a way to really connect again. The standard happy hour in a bar isn’t going to impress anyone anymore. Think of something to make your event stand out. Can you incorporate a theme, unique venue, or special guest to feature at your event? If you can find something to make your event worthwhile, you are sure to generate interest.

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