7 Social Networking Tips for Business Owners

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Navigating the various social media platforms can be tricky. There are so many trends that come and go, it can be overwhelming to try and discover what can help grow your business. There are numerous ways to engage with your audience on all social media platforms. No matter if you are new to the whole social media phenomenon or are a seasoned social media vet, here are some tips a small business entrepreneur should learn to help grow their business.

Best Social Networking Tips for Business Development

Know Your Target Audience Inside Out

You can grow your business by developing relationships with your audience and understanding their wants and needs. When you have a comprehensive understanding of your audience, you can create content that speaks to them and draws them in. For instance, if you have a business page on Facebook, you can see your audience’s insights over a designated period. You can then use this information to create appropriate content for your audience.

Engage with Your Audience Often

If a customer reaches out to you on social media in any way, make sure they know you appreciate it. It does not matter if it is a question, an issue, or just a comment about your business, it is important to engage with the audience as soon as possible. Just by doing as little as liking this comment can make a great difference in the customer’s experience. It lets them know there really is another person on the other end of cyberspace. This all leads to building profitable relationships.

Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar is a great way to organize your posting schedule. Think about what you would want to post and how it can speak to your audience. Then post this content to each social media platform accordingly. By having a plan laid out either for a week or more at a time, you can stay consistent with posting and engaging your audience, and they can see you pop up more often in their feeds.

Find the Best Posting Times

There are a few platforms that you can use that can help you determine when to post content on individual social media platforms. Coschedule is a platform that can make it easy to manage what content to post at the most optimal time. It does this by finding trends when your posts get higher engagement.


Hashtags are still one of the best ways to get attention on social media. If you use hashtags the correct way, they can be a very powerful tool to grow awareness of your business on social media. You can make your posts reach a wider audience with a strategically chosen hashtag on a post. You can also motivate new users to spread the word about your brand with clever and catchy hashtags to post about your product or service.

Watch Your Social Media Analytics

You can develop your business through Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform that you wish. You just need to read your analytics regularly in order to track what works and what does not.

Promote Accordingly

A small business entrepreneur really needs to make sure your brand is promoted correctly on social media.

If your posts are not getting the engagement you are looking for, then it may be wise to give them something extra. This could be a boost on your Facebook page, or it could be a marketing campaign made across several social media platforms.

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