7 Places to Find Your Next Business Coaching Client

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Business coaches are a very helpful resource when a small business entrepreneur needs advice. If you are unsure where to look for new clients for your coaching business, we can help. We have written this guide to building profitable relationships in your network to grow your coaching business.

Places To Find New Clients for Coaching Programs

Online with Blogs, Podcasts, and Video

Content marketing can be a long-term commitment. However, if you are consistent with your marketing, results can happen sooner than you expect. For example, if you write intriguing content on your blog, it can develop relationships to grow your business. The potential client will reach out through your website for more information. All formats lead to the same goal: more clients for your business. This content marketing allows you to build your authority with potential customers initially before they even reach out to you because your expertise is on display.

Gated Content

This type of content is where the user has to provide some personal information, such as a contact email,  to fully access the content. Marketers estimate about 80 percent of business-to-business (B2B) content marketing is gated. This content varies in different formats including white papers, case studies, product demonstrations, and much more.


If you distribute industry-related newsletters, that can also be a great way to attract coaching clients. Newsletters create brand and increase awareness, and provide quite a bit of helpful information. This format, when promoted online, is quite cost-effective compared to traditional newsletters printed on paper and mailed or distributed.

Use LinkedIn to Develop Your Business

You can also generate leads on LinkedIn to find new clients for your coaching programs. While on the platform, do some searching to find your targets. Create a summary of a specific issue or problem that is relevant to your potential clients, and offer advice on how to resolve it. Be sure to answer any direct questions asked by group members promptly. This will help build your credibility in your industry.

Facebook Groups and Other Social Media Platforms

Besides LinkedIn, you can also find leads for your coaching business on Facebook groups. You can use already existing Facebook groups to build relationships.

One known social media strategy is the Founding Client strategy. This involves posting on social media three times a day for seven days. After each post, announce you are beginning a new coaching program and offer it to people at a reduced price. You should get some new clients initially when you offer this. After your coaching with these clients is concluded, ask them to write a testimonial to your coaching skills on the platform.


One of the fastest ways to gain new coaching clients is to host an industry-specific workshop. You are automatically perceived as an expert in your field if you run a workshop. Offer a complimentary strategy session to all attendees at the conclusion to peak more interest in your coaching services.

Networking Events

Of course, the best way to meet the best quality connections is at various networking events. Besides attending these events scheduled by others, you can host your own networking event, too. The website Meetup.com is a great tool to help you create your own networking event. These events can be a live, in-person event or a virtual event — the choice is yours. Pick a specific topic in your industry that will appeal to your target audience. After your event, offer a free consultation at a later time to all attendees to benefit from your expertise.

Promotora Systems Inc. can help you find new coaching clients. Contact us today so we can show you how to develop your business and take it to new levels.