4 Ways to Be More Valuable to Your Network

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Networking is a business tool that can add substantial value to your business. In order for that to happen, however, you need to make yourself a strong member of your network. 


If you want to be a valuable networker, you need to be a connection that tries to give better than you get. Just remember, If you make yourself more valuable to your network, that network will become more valuable to you.

Ways to Be More Valuable To Your Network

Quality Better Than Quantity

At networking functions, don’t just stand there passing out your business card randomly. This type of connection gathering can be a real turn off to many attending these functions. On the same note, do not spend the entire time ‘working the room’. This makes you appear as if you are on the hunt for the next professional hookup, and people tend to take offense to that. 


A better use of your time at these networking events is to ‘cherry pick’ prospective connections. You should find people in your industry that may be in the same position as you, or came from a similar background. See if you have any outside interests (hobbies, etc.) with this person. 


 It is best to leave a networking event with a handful of choice connections that will benefit your business the most.

Make A Real Connection

Try to have more than just a superficial relationship with those in your network. Establishing a true connection with a select few in your network is ultimately more productive than having many vague connections. Over time, those connections will just fade and become little more than a name on your LinkedIn connections list.


You can do this by making a case for building the relationship. Find a compelling reason for this person to see you, other than employment requests, which many may be overrun with requests. 


Make sure you exchange industry stories with your prospective connection. This is a great way to key pieces of information about a connection at the start of the professional relationship. 


When you feel you are simpatico with a connection, you can then start discussing how you can begin a mutually beneficial business relationship. That real connection hopefully will grow over time.

Respond To Professional Challenges

The best way to solidify a new business relationship is to help out your colleague with a pressing problem. If someone mentions a particular challenge they are having with their business at the moment, respond to them as soon as possible. Bring something of value to the table that helps to address their particular issue.


 If you make yourself a useful entity in your network, the time may come when those connections will gladly reciprocate. This is also a great way to set yourself up for future contacts. You hope that your assistance in helping your new connection in their challenge will become news in your network. Hopefully, this can lead to more people reaching out to you to connect.

Plug Yourself On Social Media

Use your various social media outlets to increase your network value. Social media posting is one of the most efficient ways to keep your network active. Just be aware that social media networking should be done with care, as you don’t want to overexpose yourself to the point of becoming spam. Be selective with your social media posts. Keep in mind that these virtual contacts are meant to supplement face to face meetings, not take over for them. 


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