3 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Up with Your Business Leads

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When you attend a networking event, you are primarily there to grow your business. At these events, you collect business cards and contact information. It is important for you to follow up on these leads to build win-win relationships, create collaboration opportunities, strategic partnerships, and much more.

Reasons A Small Business Entrepreneur Needs to Follow Up on Business Leads

It Builds Relationships

Networking is relationship management after all. Don’t let these quality connections you made go to waste; make the most of them. Therefore, you need to cultivate these new connections right away while the memory of your recent meeting is still fresh in each other’s minds.

You then keep fostering this new relationship in any way that seems to fit. Either way, the connection will feel that you want to keep your association. You will most likely receive their loyalty over time, as you will stand out in their minds compared to others that did not make the same effort. This will lead to a close relationship with them. From this point, the possibilities are infinite with your new connections.

Social Media Connections Go a Long Way

It does not matter if you made your new connection in person or online, do not let the connection go stale. Once this connection is made, keep it going. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more are becoming one of the best secondary ways today to follow up on business leads.

Once you have connected on social media, keep your association going. It can be as little as a comment on LinkedIn, or a like on Facebook or Instagram. Just make sure to keep your interactions with new connections as frequent as possible.

Consistent Follow-Ups Will Put You and Your Business Ahead

You can empower your success for your brand or business with consistent relationship networking follow-ups. A recent study showed that 44% of businesspeople will give up after only one follow-up. The odds are, the more you follow up, the better the chances are this lead will become a new client or strategic partner.

It is also easier than ever to follow up with your leads. There are many tools out there today that can expedite lead generation. You can do automated email marketing with this new connection, and they will become part of your funnel that is automatically sent updates. There are several tools you can utilize for this to manage your follow-ups. You can even just schedule a simple alert into your calendar to follow up. The point is to follow up and do it consistently.

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