10 Relationship Management Systems that Work

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Once you have implemented your lead generation strategies and relationship-building steps, you need to manage your list of network connections. 


Nurturing your business relationships is the best way to turn those connections into long-term customers. Since every company is different and every connection has different marketing needs, there may not be a one-size-fits-all tool. Each company needs to determine what features its relationship management system needs. We have a list of the 10 best business relationship management systems that work.

10 Relationship Management Systems

Leadfeeder is a website visitor identification tool. The tools allow you to discover which companies visit your website, and whether they completed an online form or contact you on the site. This provides the user with information about the site visitor, including which pages visited and how long spent visiting, where the visitor was before using your site, and vital information about the company including contact information, number of employees, and industry.

Sumo is a simple and easy tool that takes two steps: Install the software and activate the capture form. That is all it takes to begin lead generation and email capture. Sumo offers a free plan, as well as paid plans that start at $39 per month. 


Autopilot is a program that builds lead generation and the lead nurturing process. The lead generation then becomes automatic without any more effort on your part. With Autopilot, you can design your personalized connection experiences that capture the leads and convert them. 


One of the best tools for relationship management and lead generation is Act-On. The features for this tool include landing page optimization, website visitor tracking, and A/B testing tools. Act-On also provides the user with the ability to create custom website templates.


Lead Squared is a great tool for capturing leads. The platform has tools that help the user understand and identify buyer intent signals. The features that help you manage and organize all business-to-business leads include Merchant Lifecycle, Marketplace CRM, and Vendor Onboarding. 


Turn “clicks into customers” with Leadpages. This platform is designed for the smaller B2B business outlets. Leadpages allows the user to create a webpage that permits the business to connect with new leads and convert them to regular users. 


SharpSpring allows users to get to know their potential connections better. This paves the way for you to market to them, and eventually sell to them. The platform has features such as dynamic form and landing page builders to help enable lead nurturing. Plans for SharpSpring start at $550 per month. 


One of the original and still the best email marketing solutions is Constant Contact.This B2B platform has email templates and the ability to make your own marketing website. The platform also has social media marketing tools so that you can use Facebook and Instagram ads to bring leads to your website. Constant Contact has a free 60-day trial period; its plans start at $20 per month. 


Litmus is an email marketing tool that is designed around continuous improvement. The platform makes it easy to build, test, and analyze email campaigns. Litmus has a seven-day free trial, then plans start at $99 per month. For email marketing made better, use Litmus. 


HubSpot allows you to have all your marketing tools in one place. The features included with this platform are blogs, social media management, live chat, video, and ad tracking and management. HubSpot Marketing Hub also includes the ability to create content, attract visitors, and convert leads. The paid Marketing Hub plans start at $50 per month. 


Creating a business relationship strategy can be a tough task to implement. Your individual company needs will determine the relationship management system that works best. PS Inc can help with all your business networking and relationship management needs. Contact us today to get started.