5 Secrets To Double Your LinkedIn Connections In 30 Days

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Your next big move

Creating Opportunities

Building Your Network


The Value Added Connector Framework

Your next big move may be right around the corner.

You’re always looking for exciting new projects in philanthropy, business, and professional development. It’s not always easy, though.


Finding, applying for, and getting these opportunities takes time. You know networking is important – but you have no time to do it.


Promotora Systems Inc. makes your quest for opportunity easier by offering you a new way to approach networking. We help entrepreneurs to achieve powerful connections through our value added connector model.


We provide you with an approach to building connections that is completely bespoke to your needs. The secret? Connecting the right people to the right opportunity, at the right time.

Opportunities Don’t Just Happen - You Have To Create Them

We help entrepreneurs leverage their network to create opportunities.


Our business networking support, best practices, and proprietary programs will help you master the power of relationship building.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify relevant connections
  • Nurture your existing connections
  • Be highly valuable to your network
  • Get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Create strategic partnerships and build win-win relationships
  • Create collaboration opportunities
  • And so much more!

Network Building Guidance From an Expert

Promotora Systems was created by Adrianne Phillips, a Networking Expert, Servant Leader and United States Air Force Veteran. A neurolinguistic programming practitioner, she has 13 years of strategic partnership and business development experience.


Over the years, Adrianne has organically built a network of 24,000+ connections on LinkedIn – and generated $2.65M worth of opportunity from those connections.


Adrianne created Promotora Systems out of a desire to help other entrepreneurs master the art of networking to achieve their goals.

Relationships: The Big Secret to Growing Your Success

The key to finding opportunities is relationships.

The world is filled with people who can unlock the door to valuable resources. At Promotora Systems Inc, our mission is to remove any obstacles between you and your next life-changing connection.


When it’s done right, networking has the potential to eliminate the element of selling and allow you to tap into big opportunities. When you establish rapport, build great relationships and are always thinking about how you can help others, people will want to do business with you.


Rather than seeing what we do as networking, we like to see it as netweaving. In other words, we focus on paying it forward and thinking about how we can help others. We try to incorporate this focus into everything we do, so you can develop meaningful relationships based on offering value.


The more value you can offer to others – the more you’ll stay top of mind and the better connections you will form.

The Value Added Connector Framework

That’s why we created the Value Added Connector framework – the VAC. It’s designed to help business leaders create their own valuable network and form meaningful relationships that will blossom into powerful partnerships.


The Value Added Connector Framework will be applied to all of our services. So, whether you opt for our coaching program or LinkedIn Networking Software as a Service offering, you’ll get the most out of the power of this framework.


We leverage technology to deliver our custom networking service – providing you with bespoke scripts, identifying your ideal connections and sending you detailed weekly reports of your progress.


Plus, when you sign up for our coaching program, you’ll gain access to VIP content in our exclusive members-only section.